The new Apple iPhone 14 will come early this year according to the best leaker

This year's Apple iPhone 14 will hit earlier than last year, according to Mark Gurman, the most accurate Apple information leaker on the planet, and picked up by friends at The Verge. While the iPhone 13 made a late-September appearance, the new Apple iPhone 14 will show up just after the U.S. Labor Day holiday at a September 7th event. The phone will go on sale a week from the following Friday, on September 16th. 

Apple is expected to go large at this year's iPhone launch, by which we mean the new model will be a large-screen phone and not an update to the Apple iPhone 13 mini. Rumors suggest Apple will launch an Apple iPhone 14 and a large-screen iPhone 14 Max.

A separate "Pro" class will see further upgrades to processing, camera, and other features: The Apple iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The phones without the "Pro" designation are expected to remain on last year's Apple A15 Bionic chip. If an upgraded A16 chip is announced, it may only be used on these "Pro" devices.

Analysis: A good sign of good supply

Last year's phone launch came just a bit later in September, but could have slipped even further due to supply chain issues. We have seen a number of phone launches late this summer and have heard little complaint about supply problems. Even though the Apple iPhone 14 is launching only a week or so earlier than last year, we still take this as a good sign that the industry is finding a balance to supply consumers without hiking prices or causing huge delays.

Quite a bit of information about the new Apple iPhone 14 has leaked out already, and you can take a deep dive into every tidbit at our explainer. Apple is also expected to announce a new Apple Watch 8 at the September event. You can read our reviews of the best Apple Watches currently available.

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