iPhone 14 colors: all the rumored and likely shades

The iPhone 14 line is almost here, with a launch expected in September, and as such lots of rumors about the colors of Apple's forthcoming phones have emerged.

While nothing is certain just yet, we now have an idea of all of the shades we might see the iPhone 14 arrive in, along with the iPhone 14 Max, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Below, we look at all the iPhone 14 color rumors we’ve heard so far, including how likely certain colors are to actually arrive in the coming weeks. We're also exploring which colors that are likely to be dropped this year too.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max colors

Below you’ll find the colors that we’ve heard the iPhone 14 might be available in at launch. It’s worth noting that, in most cases, the iPhone 14 Max hasn’t been mentioned, but based on past form, we’d expect this larger model to land in the same selection of shades as the standard iPhone 14, much like the iPhone 13 mini is currently available in the same colors as the iPhone 13.


iPhone 12

Although not available at launch, Apple introduced a beautiful purple iPhone 12 the following spring (Image credit: Apple)

Purple could be a new shade for the iPhone 14 this year, as the iPhone 13 isn’t available in a purple hue at all. Being a new shade, it’s a color we’re less sure of than some, but it has been leaked at least twice.

First, a post on Weibo – a Chinese social network – from a user going by ‘Oivo sauce ovo’ claimed that we’d see a purple shade that could shift in tone depending on the lighting.

The post has since been deleted, but not before it was spotted by AppleTrack. However, this source doesn’t have much of a track record with leaks; so take the promise of a color-shifting iPhone with a pinch of salt.

More recently though, @Jioriku also claimed on Twitter that there will be a purple shade, though they didn’t mention whether it will shift in tone or not.

We hope a purple shade is planned though, as we’re big fans of colorful phones and the purple iPhone 12, along with the new Bora Purple finish available on the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 are all stunning.


An iPhone 13 in green

An iPhone 13 in green (Image credit: Apple)

Green is another rumored shade and it’s another one that we’re not at all sure of, as while the iPhone 13 is available in green, so far we’ve only seen one source mention the iPhone 14 in this same color.

That source is the aforementioned @Jioriku – another source who doesn’t have much of a track record. So we wouldn’t count on seeing a green iPhone 14, but we also wouldn’t count it out, and as with purple, it’s a shade we’d really like to see.


The iPhone 13 in Midnight

An iPhone 13 in black (Image credit: Apple)

Although the closest current iPhone 13 color is called Midnight (which is, in fact, very dark blue), black is a color we fully expect to see offered on the iPhone 14, because it’s one of the most popular smartphone colors there is.

At least two sources – the two mentioned above – have suggested that a black shade is planned and although it’s not a color we’re terribly thrilled by, it’s a safe, understated choice that looks smart and will appeal to many.


The iPhone 13 in Starlight

An iPhone 13 in Starlight (Image credit: Apple)

As with black, white – or its closest neighbor, Starlight, as it will probably officially be called – is a color Apple offers in its current line-up, and will probably continue to offer with the iPhone 14, as it’s such a popular smartphone color choice in general.

This too has been leaked by both of the aforementioned sources, so it’s a highly likely one.


The iPhone 13 in blue

An iPhone 13 in blue (Image credit: Apple)

The same two sources have also mentioned a blue shade, and this is another shade that you’ll also find available on the iPhone 13 – though reportedly the iPhone 14’s blue might be more of a sky blue than the dark, deep shade found on the iPhone 13.

We’d say this color is less likely than black or white since it’s less of a standard shade, but given that it’s available on current iPhones and has been rumored by multiple sources there’s a good chance we’ll see it.

We're just curious to know where such a color would land tonally, as the last few generations of iPhone have all experimented with different shades of blue across models.


The iPhone 13 in red

An iPhone 13 in red (Image credit: Apple)

Apple loves red almost as much as it loves black and white, so a red iPhone 14 was always very likely and that's especially plausible here because it’s been mentioned by the two sources above.

Expect this to be a bright shade, officially called PRODUCT(RED), with sales in this color contributing to the fight against global health emergencies, such as AIDS and COVID-19.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max colors

Below you’ll find rumored iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max colors, some of which may be the same as those offered on the standard iPhone 14, but many of which will likely be different.

Gold or Rose Gold

The iPhone 13 Pro in gold

An iPhone 13 Pro in gold (Image credit: Apple)

At least three sources have suggested we’ll see the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in some shade of gold, but while the first of these – leaker Jon Prosser – pointed to rose gold, the other two – those mentioned above – simply describe it as 'gold'.

Right now we’re not sure which is more accurate, but we’d think just gold is most likely, as the iPhone 13 Pro is available already in gold, and the sources saying gold are the more recent.

We’d think one or the other is highly likely though, since Apple has form with both these shades and multiple sources increases the possibility of such a finish actually being amid the lineup.

If it is just gold rather than rose gold though, expect it to be quite an understated, almost muted shade, going by past form.


An unofficial render of the iPhone 14 Pro in purple

(Image credit: Jon Prosser / Ian Zelbo)

We’ve heard about purple as a new shade for every iPhone 14 model, including the Pro ones; though we’d think it would likely be darker or paler on the Pro models, since Apple tends to keep those phones smart and understated.

Both @Jioriku and the Weibo source mentioned above have pointed to purple, as has leaker Jon Prosser, who even went so far as to share unofficial renders of how it might look in a Front Page Tech video. You can see one of these above, showing a distinctly pale purple, less saturated than the purple on 2021's iPhone 12/12 Mini.


An iPhone 13 Pro in Alpine Green

An iPhone 13 Pro in Alpine Green (Image credit: Apple)

The same source who mentioned a green iPhone 14 also said we’ll get a green iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max too, so this is another color possibility. If all these phones do get it, then we’d think the Pro models won’t have as bright a green as the standard and Max versions, but that’s just speculation for now.

Currently, only one source has mentioned this shade, so we’re not at all confident in its appearance, though Alpine Green is an option for the iPhone 13 Pro line, so we might see a variation on this existing theme for 2022.


The iPhone 13 Pro in Graphite

An iPhone 13 Pro in Graphite (Image credit: Apple)

Graphite has been name-checked by both @Jioriku and ‘Oivo sauce ovo’, on top of which it’s also a color you can get the iPhone 13 Pro line in, so we’d think this one is very likely.

It’s essentially the Pro line’s alternative to black, offering a dark and smart, but frankly boring color.


The iPhone 13 Pro in silver

An iPhone 13 Pro in silver (Image credit: Apple)

Silver is another color you can get the iPhone 13 Pro in and it’s another one that’s been mentioned by the same two sources as most of these other shades, so there’s a high chance this will be offered on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, as well.

It’s quite a pale silver on current models and the closest thing to white – sorry, Starlight – you can get on the iPhone 13 Pro, so expect the same again this year.

What colors will be missing?

Image 1 of 2

The iPhone 13 in pink

An iPhone 13 in pink (Image credit: Apple)
Image 2 of 2

The iPhone 13 Pro in Sierra Blue

An iPhone 13 Pro in blue (Image credit: Apple)

The colors above, while not guaranteed account, for the right number of shades on each phone, as there are six rumored for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, and five for the Pro models, which is a match for the iPhone 13 line.

All of which is to say, this could well be the complete and final selection of colors we see. So which shades won't make the cut?

Well, if these leaks hold water, then we probably won’t see pink on the iPhone 14, with that seemingly being replaced by a new purple shade. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, meanwhile, might lack the Sierra Blue shade that you can get the iPhone 13 Pro in, with that also possibly being replaced by purple.

So, the only totally new color this year might be purple, if these leaks turn out to be accurate, but don’t be surprised if some of the other colors are offered in different tones to their predecessors, which you can see above or in our iPhone 13 colors guide.

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