iPhone 14 /14 Pro leaks live: likely release date, price, specs and more

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Hello, and welcome our iPhone 14 leaks live blog. We're trying something different here, a chance to talk expected release date, price and specs of the new phones, with a sprinkling of chat about the latest rumors - such as the possible iPhone 14 price hike.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max - what's the biggest phone of the year for Apple? The 14 Pro Max, we think - both in terms of size and expected impact on the market. This is where all the good rumors come to be sorted.

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Right, so here we are - our first live, on-the-go dissection of some of the top rumors we've seen in the last week (and a fair smattering of the stuff we're pretty confident of seeing next month, based on the consistent leaks over the last year).

I've been writing about and covering iPhone launches since 2008, and one thing that's clear is that since the iPhone 6 or so, we've seen far more leaking of key elements of the phones in the build up to the launch, a far cry since the days of the iPhone 4 being found in a bar and everyone losing their minds...

Apple Event September 2021

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Right, let's start with a live one: the iPhone 14 price. Recently, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed to some strong results from one of the iPhone suppliers, stating they believed that it was going to be making a vast majority of the iPhone models.

That manufacturing company, Hon Hai / Foxconn, has suddenly increased its financial outlook, which leads Kuo to confirm his belief that the iPhone will increase in cost around 15%.

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What would that mean for you, if you're looking to buy one of the new iPhone 14 models?

Based on the fact Apple likes to keep its iPhone prices ending $49 or $99, I suspect the new iPhone 14 will start at $799 and the smaller iPhone 14 Pro to hit $1099. This is just an educated guess at this point though - the ASP (average selling price) mentioned means that it could be Apple spreads the cost through the range to keep it balanced.

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