WWDC 2022 keynote live, with all the iOS 16, MacBook Air and AR headset updates as they happen

Apple's WWDC 2022 kicks off today, with Apple CEO Tim Cook's eagerly-anticipated keynote, at 10AM PDT / 6PM GMT.

It's an exciting moment in Apple history for many reasons. This is Apple's first partially in-person World Wide Developers Conference since 2019. While the majority of people will watch the event and attend sessions virtually, a small group of developers, analysts, and media (including our own Lance Ulanoff and Matt Hanson) will be in attendance at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

As for the keynote and two-day conference, it will be packed to the gills (maybe more so than ever) with platform update announcements and surprises. We'll almost certainly learn more about iOS 16, a new iPad OS, macOS 13, watchOS 8, further updates on Apple TV,  very likely new MacBooks and even a new mixed reality headset (although that doesn't seem as likely any longer).

iOS 16 could bring a world of change to your iPhone with redesigned stock apps, updated notifications, and always-on screen support.

macOS 13 will get a cool name (many expect Mammoth) but, aside from more features that help it work with iPad OS and other mobile apps, we may not see a world of changes on the Mac desktop.

WWDC 2019 hall

It's been a while, WWDC.  (Image credit: TechRadar)

Of greater interest for desktop and laptop fans might be the introduction of the M2 chips, the follow-up to Apple's M1. Apple Silicon is now a major player in the CPU (desktop and mobile) space and that's largely due to the incredible performance of the M1 lineup. Expect exciting things from M2 - if it does arrive.

If we see an M2 chip, it has to go somewhere, and our money is on a new MacBook Air.

watchOS 8 could bring some interface adjustments and maybe even hint of health-related features to come with the next Apple Watch, but few are expecting significant changes.

Perhaps the biggest what-if of the WWDC keynote is realityOS and Apple AR glasses. Many now believe we'll see the glasses for the first time during the keynote and learn a lot about what is expected to be Apple's bespoke VR/AR platform for both its AR glasses and a possible VR headset.

However, the latest news suggests this won't be the case, with 2023 the new date to see Apple's next big hardware jump.

Whatever happens, you have come to the right place. Just sit back and find out how close our guesses match Apple's upcoming development reality - and you don't even need to do anything as this page refreshes automatically.

Good morning! Gareth Beavis here, bringing you all the key news and info as we build to the big WWDC keynote.

The day is finally here, and an in-person Apple event is going ahead. We've missed heading out to Cupertino to see all the big changes Tim Cook is unveiling in person - and we're going to be there in full force.

A recent Developer Center open house from Apple suggested refreshments will be available - that's good to know.

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Apple VR Headset

(Image credit: Future)

I suppose we should get the Big Bad News out of the way first: the augmented / virtual reality (AR / VR) headset that Apple is (almost certainly) developing isn't going to be appearing today

That's because, according to the NY Times, the battery life issues are holding it back from being market ready, and Apple is looking to get it right.

We're still going to see loads about AR at the keynote today, because Apple loves it - but we won't get to see the hardware that will make this constant excitment about an augmented world finally make sense.v

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