The Callisto Protocol brutally kills off its protagonist in gory first look gameplay

We finally got a first look at gameplay for the upcoming sci-fi horror The Callisto Protocol with a sumptuously gory new video giving us a glimpse of what we can expect when the game launches on December 2.

The world premiere gameplay trailer for The Callisto Protocol was revealed at Summer Game Fest 2022. It gave us major Dead Space vibes, with shadows creeping through dark, narrow hallways and mutated (and often pretty disgusting) creatures being brutally killed by our protagonist Jacob. Check it out below:

But it's not just the creatures that are subject to brutal deaths. We also got a look at raw gameplay footage of the survival horror for the first time, which was captured on "next-gen hardware" and saw our protagonist being savaging chewed up by a fan. Ouch. 

The gameplay footage is pretty impressive and sees Jacob making his way through corridors strewn with bloody bodies before encountering the likely cause: a mutated creature that the protagonist quickly removes the arms off with a couple of bullets. But that one is simply the starter, before a tankier creature comes hurtling down the corridor. Check it out below: 

It looks like The Callisto protocol is going to be very bloody and brutal and we're here for it. Let's just hope Jacob doesn't have too many run ins with that fan...

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