High on Life is the new hilarious sci-fi shooter from the Rick and Morty team

High on Life, the new sci-fi shooter from the creators of Rick and Morty, made its debut at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, with a hilarious world premiere trailer.

Developed by Squanch Games, who previously worked with the creators on Trover Saves the Universe, High on Life sees you taking on the alien drug cartel who are selling humans as narcotics – with help from a human bounty hunter.

The trailer shows a vivid sci-fi world full of odd creatures, including care bear-like creatures, insect-looking aliens and disgusting blobby aliens. But what we enjoyed most from the trailer was the weapons, each of which are living beings and talk to you while you use them. For example, the knife is called stabby and yells "stab, stab" when you stab people. Check out the trailer for yourself, below:

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It seems High On Life also includes some familiar voices, with the protagnist voiced by Justin Roiland (aka Morty) and we swear we heard Jason Mantzoukas's voice in there too.

High On Life is an Xbox exclusive and will release for Xbox consoles and PC in October 2022. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

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