Google Multisearch will soon help you find nearby products using only your camera

Google has announced plans to update its ambitious Multisearch feature with local business information, giving users the opportunity to find nearby product sellers using only their mobile cameras.

Company VP Prabhakar Raghavan shared the upgrade, dubbed Multisearch Near Me, at Google I/O 2022. It’s set to launch worldwide “later this year” for Google app users. 

Google launched its Multisearch feature, which lets users search for products by simply taking a photograph, earlier in 2022. Imagine you need to replace a faucet: simply grab a snap of the faucet in question, and in one single search, Google will identify the product and find resellers across the web.

Soon, Multisearch will be updated with the addition of a “near me” toggle, offering results specific to an individual's location in Google Maps and Google Search. 

This has interesting implications, not just for leaky faucets or other household items, but food items, Raghavan noted. See a picture of a delicious dish? Simply Google it, and you can find local restaurants that make it. 

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