New iPhone SE 2022: Apple has just announced its latest cheap iPhone

So it happened - the new iPhone SE has been announced. This is the third-gen member of the line, and the latest since the iPhone SE (2020) from... well, you can guess when that one came out.

When did this happen? Well... literally right now! The Apple March Event is still going on, which you can read about in our live blog. Tim Cook is currently onstage talking about the new lower-cost iPhone, unveiling it and going through its specs.

You might be thinking 'if the phone has only just been unveiled, what am I looking at?' Well, this page is where we'll be sharing all the information as it's announced - and we'll be updating it constantly, so refresh frequently to get more information.

Below that, we've listed what we knew about the iPhone SE 3 or SE 2022 before today, based on leaks and rumors, some of which may be correct and some of which is definitely totally wrong (we've heard a lot of conflicting information).

This is a breaking story, and we'll be updating this page with more information as we get it.

iPhone SE (2022) release date and price

The new iPhone SE goes on sale on March 18, though you can pre-order it a week earlier, on March 11.

The phone's price has been confirmed as $429, which converts to £330 in the UK and AU$590 in Australia (we're waiting on Apple's official prices for those latter regions).

We also don't know what storage configuration that price is for, or if multiple sizes are offered, but Apple usually announces those details shortly after its shows.

Apple March Event 2022

(Image credit: Apple)

iPhone SE (2022) design and display

The third-gen iPhone SE has the same design as its predecessor - and therefore, the same look as the iPhone 8.

That means it's small and thin, with a big bezel and chin, and the latter one houses a physical power button too. It comes in white, black and red.

The rear is made from Ceramic Shield, Apple's smartphone glass which it says is the strongest smartphone material ever, though when the company first showed it off a few years back, some drop tests suggested otherwise.

While screen specs weren't confirmed, we presume they're the same as the older iPhone SE too, which means it's a 4.7-inch 60Hz display.

iPhone SE (2022) camera and battery life

We usually call this section in our hubs 'cameras and battery life' but that plural is inappropriate in this case, because Apple seems to be sticking with its one-camera solution.

So the iPhone SE (2022) has a single 12MP rear camera, which presumably has an improved sensor over the last SE, though this wasn't confirmed.

At the launch Apple showed off a few camera features, including Portrait mode and Photographic Styles, or filters, though these aren't new to smartphones or even iPhones.

Apple March Event 2022

(Image credit: Apple)

The front camera wasn't detailed, but unless Apple has made the bizarre decision to bring a huge upgrade here, it's probably the same 7MP unit we saw two years ago.

In terms of battery, Apple never reveals its phone's capacities ahead of time - we always have to wait for breakdowns to bring us that information. However Apple says the iPhone SE (2022) brings "better battery life". From what? Presumably last year's model, but that wasn't specified.

iPhone SE (2022) performance and software

The iPhone SE (2022) is getting the iPhone 13's chipset, in the A15 Bionic, so expect similar processing speeds and battery optimization.

What about RAM, or storage? Apple never specified the former, but we're hoping to hear about the latter soon.

The software is iOS 15, again like the iPhone 13 has, so this will likely feel like a similar device. Oh, except with a tiny screen.

One upgrade is that, unlike the older iPhone SE, the third-gen version is getting 5G connectivity, so it should give much quicker internet connection for people who live in areas with network coverage.

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