iPhone 14 Pro could have the most RAM of any iPhone to date

iPhones rarely have as much RAM as their Android rivals - while this is okay, as iOS is a less memory-hungry operating system than Android, we do sometimes feel that Apple's smartphones could do with extra power for more demanding tasks. Thankfully, that could change with the iPhone 14.

A reliable leaker on Korean social media network Naver has made the claim that the iPhone 14 Pro will get 8GB of RAM - this actually backs up a rumor we've already heard, though the source sounded uncertain then.

Previously, iPhones have topped out at 6GB of RAM, which is enough for most purposes, and even for photo editing and gaming we've typically found it's just fine. Android phones sometimes go up to 18GB of RAM though.

Some rumors suggest all the iPhone 14 models will get 6GB of RAM though, so take this news with a pinch of salt.

What does RAM do in a smartphone? Well, it's basically the short-term memory of any tech gadget, which handles what tasks you're doing at any given time. RAM is useful up to a certain amount, but you're unlikely to be doing any super-intensive processes on a smartphone that would require as much RAM as a gaming console or computer.

Some of the most demanding tasks on a smartphone including video and image editing, and gaming, but 8GB of RAM is certainly enough for all those tasks.

Analysis: Apple might not tell us

If Apple does decide to up the iPhone 14 Pro's RAM by 2GB over its predecessor, then there's a good chance it won't ever tell us.

At iPhone launches, Apple details most of the new changes and specs, as well as the eye-catching features, but there are things it doesn't delve into too. For example, we never see the company announce the battery capacity for new iPhones, and we're left waiting for people to take apart their iPhone to find out that way.

RAM is another aspect that Apple generally doesn't disclose, and again teardowns are how we find out this information.

So we might have to wait until after the iPhone 14 launch to find out if the Pro and Pro Max have got 8GB of RAM - or find out they didn't, if that's the case.

Via AppleInsider

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