You can now reserve the Samsung Galaxy S22 and get $50 store credit

The next Samsung Galaxy smartphone - almost certainly the Galaxy S22 - is now available for reservation via the official Samsung site.

Not only that, but you'll get a neat little $50 bonus Samsung store credit on the house if you register your interest right now. From what we can see, you'll get this as soon as device pre-orders open - which is on February 9th. 

Interestingly, Samsung hasn't 'confirmed' that it's the Galaxy S22 yet. Instead, it's simply offering a fifteen-second teaser trailer showing off two blacked-out devices on a smokey grey backdrop. Let's not beat around the bush, though - we've seen the Galaxy S series release at this time every year for many years now, so it would be a real surprise if it wasn't the S22.

It's definitely a little odd - and some would say risky - to reserve a device without even seeing it first, but we think it's actually not a bad idea. We've seen availability issues with other recent high-profile Android releases (Pixel 6 Pro), and it's an excellent option for consumers if they want to guarantee they'll get a device. Plus, you won't have to plop any money down here until pre-orders go live and you've had a chance to check the phone specs out.

Samsung Galaxy S22 reservations now available

Samsung Galaxy S22: reserve and get a $50 store credit
Two 'mystery' Galaxy devices, highly likely to be the S22 range, are now available for reservation via the official Samsung Store page. Input your details right now, and you'll not only secure your device for when pre-orders go live, but you'll get $50 of store credit on the house to spend on any number of accessories.

Credit-wise, $50 isn't a huge amount but it's enough to contribute to a number of accessories, earbuds, or even smartwatch purchases via the Samsung Store. It's highly likely that the official store will also have competitive trade-in rates when the devices actually release to supplement your savings even further.

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