Xiaomi itself has disproven that last-minute Xiaomi 12 specs leak

We've seen quite a few Xiaomi 12 leaks over the last few months, and with the series' launch only days away (on December 28), we're soon going to find out which were accurate and which were bogus. But one recent specs leak has already been proven wrong.

On Christmas Eve, tech fan site Xiaomiui shared some details about the phone: apparently, it'll have a 6.28-inch AMOLED 1080 x 2400 120Hz screen, three rear cameras with a 50MP main and 20MP selfie snapper, 67W charging and a 4,500mAh battery, and Harman Kardon-tuned speakers.

We already know some of those things, like its 6.2-inch screen, because Xiaomi has previously teased some phone specs for its Mi 12 phone - other things, such as the 67W powering, have previously been leaked before but not confirmed.

Xiaomi confirmed one other spec on Christmas Day though. Via its Weibo channel, it confirmed that the Xiaomi 12 series will get 32MP selfie cameras - that contradicts the leak, and makes us doubt some of the other specs too.

We also found the screen resolution, charging speed and main camera resolution aspects of the initial leak curious, so it's possible that these too are incorrect - but with the Xiaomi 12 launch just a few days away, we've not got long to wait until we find out.

The most intriguing parts of Xiaomi flagships aren't the specs though, but the software and camera features, so a list detailing the Xiaomi 12 hardware likely doesn't fully reflect the phone we'll be seeing in a few days.

The pricing is also a big consideration when buying a Xiaomi phone, as the cost is often a lot more competitive than your Samsung, Apple or OnePlus equivalent - we likely won't hear that on the 28th though, as that's a China-only launch, and we're expecting to see a global roll-out of the phone early in 2022. 

TechRadar will be covering the Xiaomi 12 launch with a live blog and analysis, so check back during the day for that.

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