Xbox Series X restock is now live at Game and Currys

We thought we'd seen the last of them before Christmas, but there's been a last-minute Xbox Series X restock at both Game and Currys in the UK.

A considerable number of bundles are available to order at Game from £449.99. The console by itself may show as out of stock, but you can choose between one of the many bundles on offer. Some of these include cheap and useless items like t-shirts and caps, but you can also get some of the console's best games such as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite.

Plus, the Xbox Series X is also currently available through Xbox All Access program. This allows you to pay for a console and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at £28.99 a month over two years. Of course, we strongly encourage you to fully assess your financial situation before agreeing to this credit option as failing to keep up with payments can lead to serious consequences.

If the Xbox Series X bundles at Game don't interest you then you can pick from two different ones starting at £589 from Currys.

The first comes with an Xbox Series X console and the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller. This improved and more expensive accessory comes with a host of improvements over the original gamepad. Key changes include better thumbsticks, triggers and a reworked d-pad. You can also customise the layout in a way that suits your playstyle, too.

The second includes an Xbox Series X console and a 1TB Seagate Expansion Card for £659. This accessory will double the capacity you have for game installs on the console, so one to go for if you're going to be playing a lot and don't want to delete games. You'll appreciate it even more so if you've got an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and have all those titles to play through.

Xbox Series X restock at Game and Currys

Xbox Series X: from £449.99 at Game
A number of Xbox Series X bundles are currently in stock at Game. If you want to spend the least amount of money and just get a console, we suggest looking at the ones with cheap extras such as t-shirts and caps. However, bundles with games such as Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite and Fifa 22 are also available if you want to kickstart your library with one of the console's best games.

Xbox Series X | Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller: £589 at Currys
This Xbox Series X bundle comes with the advanced Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller. This accessory is for those who really like to customise their gamepad, with options to change the layout to suit your preferences. Compared to the standard controller, it also features a number of improvements to the d-pad, analogue sticks, triggers and grip.

Xbox Series X | 1TB Seagate Expansion Card: £659 at Currys
This is an expensive bundle but it does come with the console's 1TB storage expansion card - that will double the available capacity in the Xbox Series X for games and downloads. It might be unnecessary from day one, but if you think you will quickly fill up your hard drive with games through Game Pass then you might appreciate the extra breathing room.

If these do sell out, remember that the Xbox Series S is more widely available and shouldn't be overlooked if you want a small but powerful console on a budget. Head to our page on where to buy the Xbox Series X for all the retailers that currently have stock of the Xbox Series S as well, along with all the latest restock news should you miss out at Game or Currys today. 

Our Boxing Day sales hub will also be tracking console restocks for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, should any retailers go live from December 26. And you can always browse the latest Xbox game deals throughout the year for more bargains.

Where to buy the Xbox Series X in the US

Where to buy the Xbox Series X in the UK

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