Xbox Series X restock is back at Amazon and delivering before Christmas - hurry

Amazon has just launched a fresh Xbox Series X restock this morning - just two days before Christmas and the second we've seen just this past week.

Retailing for the usual £449.99, we wouldn't hang around if you're interested here. Last time stock stayed around for a few hours but did eventually sell out as you'd expect. Amazon remains the most popular retailer for all consoles (probably because of Prime delivery) so this one will very much be snapped up.

Speaking of Prime delivery, it's possible to get this Xbox Series X restock before Christmas if you order soon. 

As well as the usual price for the standalone console at Amazon, you can also choose to add either Back 4 Blood or Far Cry 6 to your order to create your own bundle. Both these games are fantastic additions to the library but bear in mind they aren't free - you'll be paying an additional £24.99 and £37.99 for each of them respectively. 

We'd also recommend bundling up your console with a cheap Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Far more useful than simply have two games at delivery, this subscription will get you access to a huge curated library of games and full access to the Xbox online multiplayer.

Xbox Series X restock at Amazon

Xbox Series X: £449.99 at Amazon
Amazon's just launched a second surprise wave of pre-Christmas Xbox Series X restocks today, including the base console for £449 and either Back 4 Blood or Far Cry 6 to bundle in too, should you choose to do so. This one arrives before Christmas so don't hang around if you're interested. It's very, very likely to sell out at some point today (23rd) since this retailer is so popular.

The Xbox Series S is more widely available and shouldn't be overlooked if you want a small but powerful console on a budget. Head to our page on where to buy the Xbox Series X for all the retailers that currently have stock of the Xbox Series S as well, along with all the latest restock news should you miss out at Amazon today. 

Our Boxing Day sales hub will also be tracking console restocks for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, should any retailers go live from December 26.

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