Plenty of PS5 restocks are live today: Very, Currys, Game, EE and PlayStation Direct

It's a very busy morning if you're looking for a PS5 restock in the UK as a total of five retailers have consoles available to buy. Although some of these stores are already running low on stock, you can check the latest PS5 availability from Very, Currys, PlayStation Direct and EE just below

Very is keeping things straightforward with a restock of a bundle featuring Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or an extra controller and PS Plus membership. Both the PS5 console by itself and a single bundle featuring an additional PS5 DualSense controller are listed but were out of stock when we checked. These might pop up later, though.

As for Currys, it only has three PS5 bundles in its latest restock all priced at £649.99. That's a whopping £200 more than the console by itself, but you do get a good selection of extras. This includes an additional PS5 DualSense controller, copies of Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and a Logitech G435 Headset

Then there's PlayStation Direct - the official store from Sony. Here, you can only get a PS5 console. No bundles are available. We're expecting this to go first, though, as it's the cheapest way to get a console. You can also try Game, though its initial wave of PS5 seems to be drying up already. More may be made available this afternoon. Lastly, EE customers can check if it's possible to add a PS5 to their existing mobile plan.

As usual, we don't expect any of these PS5 restocks to last for very long - especially now we are so close to Christmas. Be sure to double-check delivery dates when buying from some of these retailers as well, as Very is clear that orders will not be dispatched in time for Christmas - but will arrive before the end of the year. If you miss out this morning then definitely check back later to see if more PS5 consoles are available as some additional stock is usually made available in the afternoon.

All of today's PS5 restocks

PS5: from £449.99 at Very
Once you get through the waiting room at Very, you will be able to buy a PS5 bundle with a copy of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or an additional DualSense controller and PS Plus membership. Other options are currently sold out, but may pop back in stock by the time you get through the queue.

PS5: from £649.99 at Currys
Currys is offering three different PS5 bundles this morning. All come with an extra DualSense controller, copies of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and a Logitech G435 Headset. It's a pricey bundle but does come with a lot of stuff that'll get you started.

PS5: consoles from £449.99 at Game
- PS5 Disc consoles and bundles are available today at Game. Our advice is to go for a bundle to give yourself the best chance to get a PS5. If you aren't able to reach a product page then it's currently out of stock, but do check back this afternoon for any additional availability.

PS5: £449.99 at PlayStation Direct
- PS5 consoles have now sold out at the PlayStation Direct store. More availability is promised in the future but no exact date has been given. There's the possibility of another restock before the end of the year but time is running out.

All of these retailers going live with a restock makes this one of the best opportunities to get a PS5 we've seen for a very long time. We were disappointed over Black Friday and Cyber Monday as that was when we expected a lot of activity to coincide with the increased spending period. It appears most retailers have held off for just after instead.

If you are here late and have missed out on the PS5 restock at both Currys and Very, the good news is it's been rumoured that Amazon should also have consoles later this week. It's been a while since the retailer has held a PS5 restock - just be aware that it'll likely only be available to Prime members.

Remember, you can always take yourself over to our where to buy the PS5 guide as we update that regularly with all the latest PS5 restock news. You can also check the links to buy a PS5 at various retailers below, including the PS5 Digital Edition. Keep checking these as more consoles will hit the shelves throughout 2022. Whatever you do, we'd recommend not paying over the odds to scalpers as restocks are now more frequent.

Not after the PS5? You can always keep up to date with the latest on where to buy the Xbox Series X and where to find Nintendo Switch OLED stock right here as well. Both consoles are in heavy demand in the weeks ahead leading up to Christmas.

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