Hurry - PS5 restock now live at PlayStation Direct UK

A PS5 restock has just landed over at PlayStation Direct giving those who didn't snag coveted console over Black Friday and Cyber Monday what's potentially the last chance to get one before Christmas.

As always with the official PS Direct PS5 restocks, we expect this retailer to be offering a number of Disc and Digital consoles only. Unlike other retailers, this one doesn't tend to stock bundle options.

Simply click on the link just above and you'll land in the waiting room. Note, unlike some retailers, PS Direct's queue isn't first come first serve - you'll get assigned a random spot that will get called up after about 30 to 40 minutes. It's essentially a lottery but it's well worth getting in there and trying your luck.

Even a year after the PS5 launch, each restock still sells out in a matter of minutes. PlayStation Direct has been a new player in the game this year as Sony finally launched its own store outside of the US. Select PSN accounts are given invites to PS5 restocks in an exclusive two-hour window and then access opens to the wider public once this has passed. Admittedly, it's not the most satisfying way to do it, but it definitely feels a lot more organised than some other stores.

PS5 restock at PlayStation Direct

PS5: £449.99 at PlayStation Direct
PS5 Disc consoles are now available via the official PlayStation Direct store. Simply click on through to the store page here to land yourself in a random queue to see whether you'll be lucky enough to get yourself a spot after a short wait. Queue times are normally 30 to 40 minutes and you'll hear a sound cue when your number's up.

PS5 (Digital Edition): £359.99 at PlayStation Direct
We also expect this PS5 restock to include Digital Edition consoles. These ones forgo the disk drive on the standard model for a slightly cheaper price tag overall. If you've got a great connection these ones are always a good choice but beware - there are generally fewer of these types on sale and they tend to go very quickly indeed.

As of right now, we're mostly in the dark in regards to PS5 restocks before Christmas. This could, in fact, be the best chance to snag one if you've been one of the unlucky few so far this year. Amazon, Very, and other retailers have really been stepping up and trying to get more consoles out there also but it's getting very, very close to the big day itself now.

If your number doesn't come up in today's PlayStation Direct PS5 restock then we highly recommend heading on over to our main where to buy the PS5 guide and bookmarking it. It's regularly updated with all the latest news, rumours, and the actual restocks themselves as they come up. 

You can also check the links to buy a PS5 at various retailers below, including the PS5 Digital Edition. Keep checking these as more consoles will hit the shelves throughout 2022. Whatever you do, we'd recommend not paying over the odds to scalpers as restocks are now more frequent.

Not after the PS5? You can always keep up to date with the latest on where to buy the Xbox Series X and where to find Nintendo Switch OLED stock right here as well. Both consoles are definitely going to be heavily in demand in the weeks ahead leading up to Christmas.

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