Boxing Day sales live: the best deals from Amazon, Currys, John Lewis and more

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Merry Boxing Day to you, intrepid sales explorer! It's the day after Christmas, and it's a Sunday... just to help you work out what day of the week it actually is after they get supplanted by official titles like 'Christmas' and 'Boxing Day'.

The Boxing Day sales are now in full swing, but unlike Black Friday, they rarely go out of stock as quickly (although can sell out still).

With that in mind, I'm picking through the best deals we're seeing in tech, appliances and more - our main hub is bringing you a comprehensive round up of all the top sales around, but I think there's space to talk about the actual products too.

I've been using data - that handy little thing that tells me what's actually proving popular on TechRadar, and these are the 15 most attractive sales around at the moment, according to what you're clicking on:

Boxing Day sales: the 15 hottest around

PS5 restock header

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Right, no time for pre-amble or welcoming you to the live blog this time - let's get right to it. 

GAME is offering a pre-order on the PS5 console and bundles too - according to the retailer, it's got a number of options available for sale, from the basic console all the way up to bundles including clothing, extra games and controller cases too.

All of them are slated for release on January 21st, but that's something that could change - I'd anticipate that the console-only deal will be in high demand, so I think going for a bundle would be good.

The Miles Morales and FIFA 11 bundle for £626 looks a decent option, although sniff around and see if any others take your fancy. Maybe they'll all stay in stock, or will all deliver on the day, but if not... I think the more detailed bundles will ship first.

Gareth buying a pressure washer on Amazon

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Just made my first (and, hopefully, only) purchase of the Boxing Day sales - I've been hankering after a decent pressure washer for a few years now, since I did a group test of them and managed to accidentally pressure wash a rude image into my drive - the Karchers were the best for this.

I just bought this Karcher K2 for £75, which is a huge saving at the moment - adding in the car wash accessories means my car will be washed for the first time in a year. Yep, I know, but my last house didn't have a hose and I'm not using buckets.

I really wanted to go for the K4 - or even the K5, as it's so powerful - but I was forced to admit that paying twice as much would be a real waste of money. The K2 will do the job just fine for my tiny drive and car.

Fire TV Stick 4K deal header image

(Image credit: Future)

Right - what's next? I could push you to the Fire TV Stick Lite: £29.99 £14.99 at Amazon.This basic Fire TV Stick drops the functionality to control your TV with the included remote, which isn't a terrible loss in the grand scheme of things when you're paying just £15. 

After all, you still get access to all the same streaming apps in HD, plus the option to use the voice remote to bark orders at Alexa.

But my Mum has one, and I've been using it over Christmas. It's not the quickest, and even though she doesn't have a 4K TV I'm thinking of upgrading her to the FireTV Stick 4K Max... although, even though it is down to £36.99 from £54.99, it's probably a bit overkill. She doesn't have a TV that can do 4K HDR... but maybe she will one day...

No, Gareth. This is like the Karcher K4 power washer all over again. You don't need it.

She needs the Fire TV Stick. The standard one. And it's got extra controls, with Alexa and is only £24.99. 

Apple AirPods Pro on orange background

(Image credit: Future)

How about some AirPods Pro next? £239 £189 at John Lewis, these popular AirPods Pro deal is just £4 more than the lowest-ever price I've seen (£185 over Black Friday). 

They come with significant improvements over the previous model, such as Active Noise Cancellation and a better design - I use these regularly, although they're still not great for running. 

Meanwhile, the MagSafe wireless charging case is included in the price to give you more than 24 hours of total battery life - honestly, while MagSafe is expensive to invest into, all wirelessly-charging things need a magnet. It's so much better. 

Note, you can get this deal slightly cheaper at Amazon but not with immediate delivery. 

LG A1 OLED against green background

(Image credit: Future)

Here's one for those that want to spend a bit on a new TV... but not too much. Starting at £799 at Currys, the LG A1 OLED is one of the cheapest ways to get a good OLED screen in your home, and today's price is a whole £100 cheaper than the usual sales discount. 

With 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, and 20W of Dolby Atmos audio. You're getting plenty of good specs, even if the processor is a bit less powerful than that used in the C1. 

Will that make a difference? Yes, if you're really into pin-sharp picture quality and need the decent speakers, but if you're just after a nifty TV then this is a great choice and saves a fair few hundred over the (admittedly excellent) C1 option.

Two Oral-B iO Series 6 toothbrushes on pink gradient background

(Image credit: Future / Oral-B)

Now, it's time for a BeavisWarning, a chance to remind you that not all sales are really sales... but are still offering cheaper items if you've waited until now to buy something.

For instance, we like the Oral B IO range, but the iOS Series 6 has been on sale for £99.99 for a few weeks... but that deal has expired.

It's been replaced by the same listing for £109.99 at Amazon, but that's (obviously) £10 more. Then again, it's a decent toothbrush and many of you will want to invest as you seek to get a little healthier - so that's maybe a price to swallow.

Afternoon everyone - Josie here taking over to ensure Gareth takes at least some time off, which he hopefully won't spend breaking his one-purchase-only rule this Boxing Day.

I've yet to make any big buys today, so let's hope we can find something great for me to blow out on.

Let's start with something pretty New Year's resolution-friendly, the Tefal ActiFry Genius XL air fryer, now on sale for just £148.99 (down from £284.99) at Amazon

It's an all-time low for the ActiFry Genius (although only by £1), which we're pleased to see - one of our main criticisms in our review of the Genius XL air fryer was its hefty pricetag.

Tefal Actifry Genius XL 2-in-1

(Image credit: Tefal)

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