These cheap pre-Black Friday deals get you the iPhone 13 or 13 mini with 200GB data

Yes, technically Black Friday isn't until the end of the month but, each year retailers push that date forward earlier and earlier! Now, here we are in the first week of November with some fantastic early Black Friday iPhone deals from retailer

As part of its "Why wait until Black Friday" sale, is offering two big data plans on the iPhone 13 and 13 mini. Both of these tariffs include 200GB of data on the Vodafone network which, for the large majority of people, will be more than enough.

With 200GB, you'll be able to stream around 40,000 songs online, watch a ridiculous 400 hours of video or, browse the internet for 2400 hours (just over 3 months of browsing in other words). 

Go for the iPhone 13 and this will cost you just £43 a month and £20 upfront (with the code 1OFF). That takes the spot of the best iPhone 13 deal around right now and the same goes for the mini, costing £10 upfront with the same code and £39 a month.

These cheap iPhone 13 deals in full

iPhone 13: at | Vodafone | £20 upfront (with code 10OFF) | 200GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £43/pm
This was already our pick of the leading iPhone 13 tariffs but then went and doubled the data! Now, in this early-Black Friday sale, you will get a massive 200GB of data on the Vodafone network for only £20 upfront and £43 a month. For most people, that will be more than enough data.

iPhone 13 mini: at | Vodafone | £10 upfront (with code 10OFF) | 200GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £39/pm
If you're looking to keep your monthly costs down low or just prefer a smaller handset, this will be the better deal for you. is also offering 200GB of data on Vodafone but here, you're only paying a tenner at the start and £39 a month - a fantastic price for that much data!

What are the iPhone 13 and 13 mini like?

iPhone 13:
The iPhone 13 is the main device of the four 2021 models, sitting in between the Pro models and the mini, offering a blend of affordability and specs, as well as a slightly larger design than the mini for those put off by its size.

Just like the mini, the iPhone 13 includes Apple's A15 Bionic chip, the same durable glass display, dual camera technology and more. The main differences is its larger and slightly brighter display as well as featuring a larger battery.

iPhone 13 mini: The smallest of Apple's four new devices, the iPhone 13 mini is both the cheapest option and the one best suited for those after a more one-handed experience.

Despite the smaller size, it features a lot of the same features as the iPhone 12. It has the A15 Bionic chip, Magsafe technology, a dual camera system with wide and ultrawide lenses and the same durable display with ceramic shield glass.

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