These are the five must-have SIM only deals from the Cyber Monday sales

Yes, Black Friday has now passed but that doesn't mean you can't still get a big saving on a SIM plan! As the Black Friday sales pass, we instantly roll straight into Cyber Monday.

And the great news is that most of the leading SIM only deals from Friday are still going strong. There are big discounts available from EE, Three, and a host of different MVNOs.

Overall, the number one spot has to go to Three. Its 100GB of data plan has crashed down to just £12 a month - a price unmatched by any other network. Or alternatively for a few quid extra, Smarty's unlimited plan now comes in at one of the cheapest prices ever of £15 a month.

There are also incredibly affordable prices from Lebara at £2.50 a month, as well as some big data options from both EE and O2. We've listed all of these Cyber Monday SIM plans below.

The best Cyber Monday SIM only deals

Three SIM | 12 months | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £12 a month
Once again, Three has dominated both Black Friday and Cyber Monday with the best overall SIM plan. With this deal, you'll only pay £12 a month while getting 100GB of data each month. For that price, you will not be able to get more data than that plus, this is a 5G-enabled SIM too.

Lebara SIM | 1 month rolling | 2GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £2.50 a month for six months
Lebara is absolutely dominating Cyber Monday when it comes to cheap SIM plans. With this deal, it takes the spot of cheapest price, costing just £2.50 a month for the first six. After that, your prices will only go up to £5. For that price you get 2GB of data and, Lebara's rolling contracts allow you to leave at any time.

Smarty SIM | 1 month rolling | unlimited data, calls and texts | £16 a month
If you're in the market for an unlimited data SIM plan this Cyber Monday, Smarty will be the way to go. It is the cheapest unlimited offer on the market and one of the lowest prices ever at £15 a month. The only cheaper option than that comes from Lebara's £12.50 price...but that will only last for six months before doubling in price.

EE | 24 months | 160GB data | unlimited calls & texts | 5G ready | £20 a month
EE is going to be an obvious choice this Cyber Monday - it is the UK's fastest and most popular network after all! If you're in the market for an EE SIM, this 160GB of data option will be the obvious choice, costing just £20 a month for all of that data.

O2 | 24 months | 250GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £20 a month + free Disney Plus
O2 very rarely cuts its prices so it really is worth making the most of the Cyber Monday discounts. With this plan, you'll pay £20 a month while getting 250GB of data. While that alone is quite a strong offer, O2 goes the extra step by also throwing in a free Disney Plus subscription with you plan.

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