The only Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal I care about still hasn't happened yet

The Nintendo Switch is bound to be a popular item in the run-up to November 28, and even though we've seen a number of enticing Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals already appear, I've got my eye on one particular item which so far refuses to on sale. 

The Hori Split Pad Pro might not be on everyone's wishlist this Black Friday, but I've been eyeing this bulkier take on the Joy-Con for quite some time. 

It's not particularly expensive at $49.99 / £39.99 (in fact, you can get it slightly cheaper on Amazon in the US at $44.88), but I'd still like to save some cash before I inevitably buy it. (Not in the US or UK? Scroll down for deals in your region).

The Hori Split Pad Pro has garnered hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon, with players who may find the Switch's default Joy-Con to be lacking in the ergonomic department dishing out high praise in particular. 

For one, Hori's take on Nintendo's detachable controllers looks far more comfortable to hold, and you're getting a proper D-Pad, at long last. 

You also get full-size analog sticks, larger face buttons, additional inputs on the back, and the controller comes in a range of fetching versions to choose from. I've got a soft spot for this slightly pricier Pikachu Black and Gold edition myself.

The reason why they're so affordable, however, at least compared to the standard Joy-Con, is that you don't get gyro controls or HD Rumble support. You also can't use them detached from the Switch, would probably be a little awkward if you did.

Today's best Hori Split Pad Pro Black Friday deal

Hori Split Pad Pro: $49.99 $44.88 at Amazon
Save $5.11 - There's a small saving to be had on the Hori Split Pad Pro in the US, but it's worth holding out for a bigger discount if you're feeling particularly patient. With the Switch likely to be popular during Black Friday 2021 stock could become scarce, so if you're worried about missing out, a $5 saving is nothing to sniff at. 

Hori Split Pad Pro: £39.99 at Amazon UK
The Hori Split Pad Pro isn't on sale in the UK... yet. If you're tired of getting hand cramps and the Joy-Con controllers minuscule face buttons and lack of D-pad, this Switch accessory should be on your Black Friday 2021 wishlist. 

It's frustrating, then, that even though we've seen discounts on Nintendo Switch games, accessories and even a couple of pleasing console bundles, the Hori Split Pad Pro's price refuses to budge. 

While I have no idea if it will indeed drop in price during Black Friday, I'll be holding out until at least November 29 to see if it becomes part of the best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals.

If not, I'll have to continue to make do with Nintendo’s drift-prone Joy-Con and the occasional hand cramps. I hope you're happy, Hori.

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