The best Nintendo Switch games finally get some good Black Friday deals

What a time to be a Nintendo Switch gamer – with these Black Friday Nintendo  Switch deals slashing the price on a host of brilliant, must-play games.

Whether you're after some Super Mario, skateboarding, or punishing roguelikes, you'll be able to do so for less, thanks to Nintendo's Black Friday software sale – with many games going for half-price, and others reduced to a measly £1.79. (Not in the UK? Scroll down for deals in your region)

It's well known that the best Nintendo Switch games often carry something of a premium – not quite as cheap as their PC counterparts, with years-old games often retaining their full RRP. Not so for these games below – with Nintendo's sale running until Tuesday 30 November.

Need some hardware first? Make sure to check out these Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals or hold out for the Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals instead.

Today's best Nintendo Switch game deals

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove: £35.99 £19.79 at Nintendo
Save £16
– This gorgeously retro pixel art platformer gives you a shovel, a moving story, and some incredibly satisfying levels to traverse. This Treasure Trove collection packages in different adventures featuring Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight too – making for a bucketload of games for this bargain price. 

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2: £39.99 £21.99 at Nintendo
Save £18
– Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater & Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater™ 2 in one epic collection, rebuilt from the ground up in incredible HD. What more needs to be said?

Dead Cells: £22.49 £13.49 at Nintendo
Save £9
– One of many roguelikes on offer today, but one that stands out with its pixel-art style, smooth and rewarding combat, and the addictive gameplay to keep you coming back for more.

Dragon Quest XI S – Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition: £49.99 £24.99 at Nintendo
Save £25
– The digital edition of Dragon Quest XI is now half price for this Black Friday sale. If you're a fan of JRPGs, larger-than-life characters, and Dragon Quest's battle system, this is the offer for you.

Hades: £22.49 £15.74 at Nintendo
Save £7
– Hades is one of the best Switch games out there: a rollicking roguelike dungeon-crawler that sees you try to escape from the Ancient Greek underworld, with procedurally generated enemies and heady mix of boons and weapons to make every run feel fresh. Truly one that's hard to stop playing.

Dark Souls Remastered: £34.99 £17.49 at Nintendo
Save £17.50
– The remastered version of the first-ever Dark Souls game is not one to be missed. This iconic medieval fantasy is as hard, and as rewarding as ever on Nintendo Switch.

Inside: £17.99 £1.79 at Nintendo
Save £16.20
– That's not a typo: this eerie platforming game from the developer of LIMBO is now going for mere pennies. Don't sleep on this one.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: £34.99 £17.50 at Nintendo
Save £17.50
– Get the iconic Crash Bandicoot trilogy at half-price on Nintendo Switch. Don't miss the chance to replay this remastered classic away from its PlayStation home.

Bastion: £10.99 £2.19 at Nintendo
Save £8.70
– Bastion was the debut game of Hades developer Supergiant Games, making for a fun action RPG with plenty of weapons, imaginative monsters, and a reactive narration system that makes every moment a joy.

Okami HD: £15.99 £7.99 at Nintendo
Save £8
– Never played Okami? Correct your mistake with this HD remaster of the classic DS game, in which you play as the Japanese sun goddess – in the form of white wolf – using a Celestial Brush to fight the forces of darkness and bring beauty back into the world.

Gris: £14.49 £5.79 at Nintendo
Save £8
– You won't find a more gorgeously illustrated platformer than Gris, an emotional and imaginative journey through barren deserts, lush forests, and even the stars themselves. It's a short game, but well worth this latest Black Friday discount.

Slay the Spire: £19.99 £7.99 at Nintendo
Save £12
– This roguelike deckbuilder sees you ascend a treacherous tower as you hone your cards and try to take on the many enemies standing in your way. With three playable characters and a different layout to the tower each time, no attempt is the same.

What Remains of Edith Finch: £17.99 £5.29 at Nintendo
Save £12.70
– A breathtaking exploration of grief, family and the stories we tell, somehow packaged into walking sim that takes you into the final moments of various relatives grappling with a family 'curse'. You are not prepared for this one.

Nintendo Switch Online: £34.99 for one year at Nintendo
If you're interested in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Designer DLC, it's free as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion. Alternatively, you can get some friends or family members on board and opt for the £59.99 Family Membership, which is cheaper even if it's only split between you and one other.

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