Still choosing your iPhone 13 deal? These are the best we've seen this Black Friday

The Apple iPhone 13 has predictably been one of the most sought after products of Black Friday 2021, and the deals have been...OK. We haven't seen the kind of jaw-dropping discounts of years gone by, but there have definitely been savings to be made.

If we were buying one (and we may very well do!), we'd probably go for one of the two best options that are pushing this year. Starting at £32 per month on Vodafone, you won't be left wanting for data, calls or texts.

Then again, if you're happy to commit to the same tariff for the next three years, Sky Mobile can go even cheaper. The bills are almost as cheap, with the benefit of a free handset, too.

Below you'll find our favourite five iPhone 13 deals of Black Friday 2021.

2021's top 5 Black Friday iPhone 13 deals

iPhone 13: at | Vodafone | £150 upfront (with code 10OFF) | 200GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £32/pm
If you have a bit of cash to splash upfront, then you won't do much better than this tariff from Our 10OFF discount code brings the upfront price down to £150, but the £32 monthly bills are very tempting indeed.

iPhone 13: at | Vodafone | £29 upfront (with code 10OFF) | unlimited data, minutes and texts | £40/pm
200GB data not enough? Or has the chunky upfront spend put you off? Then £30 now will get you the iPhone 13, unlimited data every month and reasonable monthly payments of £40.

iPhone 13: at iD Mobile | £19 upfront (with code IDM10OFF) | unlimited data, minutes and texts | £38.99/pm
Another unlimited data deal, but even cheaper thanks to iD Mobile. Use the code above to bring the upfront spend down to less than £20, then after that you're left with monthly bills of just £38.99. For that price, you'll get all the data you like.

iPhone 13: at Sky | FREE upfront | From £33pm
Sky Mobile really comes into its own if you don't mind going from a 2-year to a 3-year phone contract. It costs you £27 per month with nothing to pay at the start, and then you add the data limit to suit you. So if you can cope on 2GB, then the monthlies are £33. But the best value is if you go for 60GB of data, which makes the whole thing £42 per month. Plus, after two years, you can upgrade to a newer model for free.

iPhone 13: at Affordable Mobiles | O2 | FREE upfront (with code TRBF25) | 400GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £45/pm
Changing up the network, this tariff could be the perfect option for you. And because it's on O2, it means you get 6 months of Disney Plus thrown in absolutely free. The network just cranked up the data from 250GB to 400GB, so no excuses for not streaming more Star Wars, Marvel, Simpsons and Pixar.

What is the iPhone 13 like?

The iPhone 13 is the main device of Apple's four 2021 models, sitting in between the Pro models and the mini, offering a blend of affordability and specs, as well as a slightly larger design than the mini for those put off by its size.

It includes Apple's A15 Bionic chip, the same durable glass display, dual camera technology and more. The main differences is its larger and slightly brighter display as well as featuring a larger battery.

The iPhone 13 has a dual camera set-up but those two lenses are the best we've seen from Apple so far. This is mostly in internal improvements to processing, drastically improving low light ability and ability to stop blur.

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