Spider-Man's debut in Marvel's Avengers gets acrobatic first trailer

They took their sweet time, but publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics are finally delivering on their promise of bringing Spider-Man to the divisive Marvel's Avengers game.

As revealed last week, ol' Webhead will make his debut in the game in the upcoming Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event, which is set to arrive on November 30, 2021, exclusively for PS4 and PS5 players.

You can now get your first look at Spider-Man's team-up with The Avengers in the first trailer for the approaching event, in which Spidey takes out a group of AIM goons right before the rest of The Avengers arrive.

Our take: give us some real gameplay footage

Although the trailer is slickly put-together, it isn't exactly a great representation of the game, in that we're simply watching a heavily mo-capped scenario in which a rather slow moving Spider-Man takes down an even slower group of AIM henchmen.

While we appreciate that the cinematic trailer seems to have been created in-engine, it would have been preferable to see how Spidey's acrobatics look in the context of actual gameplay.

That said, the event is still a couple of weeks away, which means it's very likely that Crystal Dynamics will give us a proper look at Spider-Man's gameplay in the lead-up to the event's arrival.

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