Save up to £540 on the iPhone 13 devices with Sky's huge 50% off Black Friday deals

There are a lot of Black Friday sales live now, but, if you're in the market for a new handset, Sky Mobile might just have the most interesting offer that we've seen so far.

Across all of its 60GB of data plans, Sky Mobile is offering a whopping 50% off the price. No other data cap is discounted as much as that, and better still - the offer is available across absolutely every device that Sky Mobile stocks.

This is especially interesting when it comes to iPhone 13 deals, with price cuts of up to £540 off across the four devices. With this 50% discount, you'll only pay £42 a month for 60GB of data on the iPhone 13, or alternatively, Sky also has an 8GB plan for only £35 a month.

The iPhone 13 mini goes even cheaper at £39 a month for 60GB and the Pro and Pro Max follow at £47 and £52 respectively. All of these prices are easily some of the cheapest around for that much data but you can go even cheaper if you know you won't need that much data. 

We've listed everything you need to know about these Black Friday iPhone 13 deals below, or alternatively, you can head straight to Sky Mobile to see all of their 50% off discounts in one place.

Sky's best Black Friday phone deals

iPhone 13: at Sky | FREE upfront | 60GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £42pm
This is easily one of the cheapest iPhone 13 deals for this much data. It doesn't cost anything upfront and then only £42 a month for 60GB of data. It is worth keeping in mind that you are tied into a 36 month contract with the option to trade after two years. If the price is still too expensive, Sky is also offering discounts on other data caps.

iPhone 13 mini: at Sky | FREE upfront | 60GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £39pm
The iPhone 13 mini is the cheapest of the four devices and with the 50% of 60GB plans, you will currently pay just £39 a month for it. Like the other iPhone 13 devices, there are cheaper plans available from Sky if you don't mind getting a bit less data.

iPhone 13 Pro: at Sky | FREE upfront | 60GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £47pm
The iPhone 13 Pro steps the costs up quite significantly, but, like the other devices, this is one of the cheapest prices out there for this much data. You'll be paying only £47 a month for the 60GB of data cap or, even less if you opt for one of the lower data options. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max: at Sky | FREE upfront | 60GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £52pm
The iPhone 13 Pro Max is Apple's priciest device which makes this £52 a month price tag pretty impressive. For that price, you'll get the same 60GB of data cap with an effective saving of around £540. However, we think the best value on this device comes with Sky's lower data caps at a more affordable price.

What is Swap24 from Sky Mobile?

It requires a few more grey cells to work out, but Sky Mobile's Swap24 tariff can be a great way to get your new phone and know that you'll have the chance to upgrade later down the line.

In essence, Swap24 is a 36-month contract with the option to upgrade after 24 months. As long as you're phone is in full working order, you can return it to Sky after 24 months which will help pay off the bills of whatever shiny new handset you choose to upgrade to in two years' time.

If you get to 24 months with your new device and decide that you want to keep it for the remainder of the contract, you can do that, too.

While the premise is simple, it is important to note that Sky states on their website "full working order with no physical damage".

You can also swap your phone out any time after the first 31 days, you just need to pay what's left in your contract balance after the value of your phone is taken into account.

Why go for Sky Mobile?

Looking past the obvious reason of the affordable pricing above, Sky Mobile has a few special features that make it stand out:

Roll: Don't use all of your data one month? No problem! Sky will let you roll it over into the next month. You can keep rolling data over for up to three years, perfect if there's a time where you'll need it more. You can even cash in your unused data for a range of rewards from Sky or gift it to other phones if you're on a family account.

Watch: If you're also a Sky TV customer, you can watch the Sky Go app on your mobile without using up data on your phone - perfect for train journeys.

Mix: Go for any of the prices above and, if you realise later down the line that the data cap you chose isn't enough, you can change it up at any time.

Swap: Sky lets you swap your phone contract after 24 months, meaning you can upgrade to a new phone if you like. Obviously, you will need to pay for the upgraded contract price, but otherwise, it is pretty simple. Just to be clear, Sky's Swap 24 plans keep you contracted in for 36 months.

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