Save £20 on all O2 and Three phone contracts with this exclusive code

Getting into the Black Friday spirit, the retailer Affordable Mobiles has launched a new promotion, and, even better still - it's exclusive to TechRadar readers looking to make a phone purchase.

Through November (including Black Friday), you can save £20 on all O2 and Three phone contracts from Affordable Mobiles. All you have to do is use the code TR20OFF at the checkout.

This code can be applied to any device that the retailer stocks. This includes the iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S21, iPhone 12, Google Pixel 6, and lots of other flagship devices.

Below you can find out more about this code. We've also picked out a couple of key Black Friday iPhone deals that we think it's an especially good pairing with too. 

Use this code to save on top handsets

Save £20 on all O2 and Three contracts from Affordable Mobiles with code TR20OFF
With this exclusive code for TechRadar readers, you can save £20 on any O2 or Three phone contract at Affordable Mobiles. This is especially useful on newer devices like the Google Pixel 6, iPhone 13 Pro, or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - newer devices that don't get many discounts.

The standout iPhone offers to use with this code:

iPhone 13: at Affordable Mobiles | O2 | £19.99 upfront with code TR20OFF) | 250GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £45/pm
If you've got your eyes on the new iPhone 13, this O2 tariff could be the perfect option for you. It comes with an absolutely giant data plan of 250GB but will only cost  £45 a month plus £19.99 upfront with the code TR20OF. There's also a fantastic iPhone 13 deal on the Three network that you can use this code with.

iPhone 12: at Affordable Mobiles | Three | £9 upfront (with code TR20OFF) | unlimited data, minutes and texts | £37/pm
While the iPhone 13 is the newest and most powerful iPhone, some people will find that the older iPhone 12 suits them a lot better. With this deal, the TR20OFF code will leave you paying only £9 upfront. That's then paired with a monthly cost of £37, For that price, you'll get a completely unlimited data, calls, and texts plan. 

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