Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: what we want to see

We're expecting the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 to be the next entry in Samsung's line of clamshell foldable phones, following the Galaxy Z Flip 3 which launched alongside the Z Fold 3 in late 2021.

Each new version of this bending Samsung phone comes on leaps and bounds from the last - the original Galaxy Z Flip didn't even have 5G, and the last version came with a big outer screen and a competitive price.

So we're hoping the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes with even more improvements over its predecessor - in fact, we've written up a list of what we want to see below. On top of that, we've detailed what we know about the device so far, including leaks and speculation.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Samsung's next foldable clamshell phone
  • When is it out? Possibly around August 2022
  • How much will it cost? About $999 / £949 / AU$1,499, probably

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 release date and price

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

(Image credit: Future)

We don't have any solid leads on a release date or price for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, so we have to judge based on the Z Flip 3's appearance.

That phone cost $999 / £949 / AU$1,499 and launched in early August 2021, with a release later in the month. For all we know, the Z Flip 4 could launch at a similar time.

Saying that, the Z Flip 5G cost $1,380 / £1,300 / AU$1,800, so the Flip 3 had a big price reduction. We could see that trend continue so that the Z Flip 4 is even more affordable.

News and leaks

The main leak we've heard so far suggested the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is being tested with an under-display camera, though that's just a prototype so far, so it could end up still using a punch-hole cut-out for the front-facing selfie camera.

The leak continued that the device will have a redesigned lighter hinge but the same screen dimensions as the Z Flip 3.

We've also seen a Galaxy Z Flip 4 patent which showed a rotating camera situated in the hinge - it's a novel concept, but likely one Samsung won't implement given how 'out-there' it is.

What we want to see

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

(Image credit: Peter Hoffmann)

1. A more affordable price

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 made great strides over its predecessor by being relatively affordable compared to the high-cost original... but it was still a pretty expensive smartphone.

We'd like to see the price-lowering trend continue for the next-gen device, to perhaps get the device in line with the premium S22 series or even to a mid-range price. 

The price is unlikely to get low enough to make the Galaxy Z Flip 4 a tempting alternative to non-folding phones, but we live in hope.

2. Improved battery life

One thing we noticed in our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review, is that the battery life wasn't stellar. We were lucky to get the thing to last a day, and it seems the handset was designed so that you wouldn't need to flip it open that much, and thereby draw lots of power from the main screen.

Well, some of us like using our super-pricey smartphones, and therefore need a battery life that actually ticks through a whole day.

So we'd like to see the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 have improved staying power, so we can actually use it without worrying that it'll run out of juice.

Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition

(Image credit: Samsung)

3. Samsung Galaxy Bespoke from the get-go

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was available in a few colors, but months after launch, Samsung unveiled Galaxy Bespoke, which is a way to design the phone in a few different color combinations.

This lets you make a phone that's a little more personal than the standard ones Samsung offers.

It would be great for early adopters of the Z Flip 4 if they could pick up custom colored models from the get-go, so they don't get burnt if the way-more-interesting options only go on sale later.

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