Quadruple your Nintendo Switch storage with these Black Friday SD card deals

It’s easy to overlook micro SD cards as some of the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals available, but for less than the price of a game, you can quadruple your console’s storage and never have to worry about what you can and can’t install again.

With Black Friday 2021 mere days away, there are already some fantastic SD card deals to snap up right now in both the US and UK. If you download a lot of games from the Nintendo eShop and are feeling the pinch of the console’s stingy 32GB of internal storage, we strongly advise grabbing these deals before they’re gone. 

The easiest recommendation for most users is to choose a 128GB micro SD card, which gives you four times more storage and costs less than the price of an indie game. If you’re someone who likes to download every demo, downloadable piece of content or simply never buys physical games, we’d opt for the 512GB model, which will give you more than enough space to store whatever your heart desires.

While it’s possible to save on Nintendo Switch micro SD cards all year round, the biggest discounts tend to fall on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, especially on the higher capacity models. 

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Today's best Nintendo Switch Black Friday SD card deals (US)

SanDisk 128GB Ultra MicroSDXC: $24.99 $17.99 at Amazon
Save $7.00 - Quadruple your Nintendo Switch storage with this great Black Friday SD card deal from Amazon. 128GB of additional space should be more than enough for most Switch users, and for the price of less than a game, you can't go wrong. 

Samsung EVO Select 256GB MicroSDXC: $39.99 $34.84 at Amazon
Save $5.15 - If you're after more room to store all your favorite Switch games and want some headroom for the future, this 256GB micro SD card deal should be on your radar. With a saving of $5, this is a great option for those who require more space than the average user.

Today's best Nintendo Switch Black Friday SD card deals (UK)

Samsung Evo plus 128GB Micro SD SDXC: £13.99 at Amazon
It might not be on offer, but this is still a fantastic price on this micro SD card, and lets you quadruple your Nintendo Switch storage. For less than the price of most games, this is a Black Friday deal that's well worth snapping up while stocks last. 

SanDisk Ultra 256 GB microSDXC Memory Card: £48.99 £24.99 at Amazon
Save £24 - At almost 50% off, this is a fantastic early Black Friday SD card deal that will appeal to Switch players who have plenty of games installed. You're getting double the capacity of the 128GB card for just over £10 more.

Integral 1TB Micro SD Card: £199.99 £137.99 at Amazon
Save £62.55 - A saving of 31%, 1TB of space will probably be too much for most users, but at this price, this SD card deal is well worth considering. You'll have a hard time filling up this card anytime soon. 

Expanding your Nintendo Switch storage is incredibly simple. Simply locate the micro SD slot on your Switch and insert your new card (the slot can be found underneath the console’s kickstand on both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED). Once it’s inserted, you’ll be able to store games, screenshots, and video clips directly to the micro SD card.

Even though most Nintendo Switch games are smaller in size than what you’ll find on PS5 and Xbox Series X, even some physical games require some data to be downloaded and installed, which means storage can run out quickly. This is a great chance to save, then, and make storage worries a thing of the past. 

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No matter where you live, you'll find all the lowest prices for the Nintendo Switch micro SD cards from around the web right here, with offers available in your region. 

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