Put your worries to bed with this weighted blanket Cyber Monday deal

After a weighted blanket ahead of Cyber Monday? You're not the only one – countless people have found that a weighted blanket can reduce stress and help them get to sleep more easily, and the incoming Cyber Monday deals mean it's a very good time to buy.

Right now Amazon is running discounts on its YnM Weighted Blanket – a 100% cotton blanket that uses glass beads to increase its density – that's now just $37.75 in the US (down from $69.90), and £45.90 in the UK (down from £91.90). In both cases, that's roughly a half-price discount, and well worth picking up.

The deal is only available for Amazon Prime members, it seems, so you'll need to be a subscriber to get the discount – though if you're desperate for a weighted blanket it may be worth picking up at full price anyhow.

You have a choice between 32 different colorways and patterns, and its seven layers can help reduce anxiety (or insomnia) and give you a better night's sleep. There are 14 different sizes and weights to choose between – it should be 8-10% of your body weight (if in doubt, go lighter rather than heavier).

Amazon Cyber Monday deal: weighted blankets

YnM Weighted Blanket: $69.90 $37.75 at Amazon
Save $32.15
- This is a quality weighted blanket from YnM with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars from over 44,000 user reviews on Amazon. It's also been one of the most popular products on our pages for the last week, but this latest offer is only available to Prime members.

YnM Weighted Blanket: £91.90 £45.90 at Amazon
There isn't a deal on this weighted blanket, but it comes highly recommended by our expert sleep editor – if you're looking to get one, this is our top pick. It's made from 100% certified cotton and glass beads that give a gentle comforting sensation to induce a calmer sleep. 

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