PS5 restock: Sony PlayStation Direct now sold out, but we bought one

Update: All consoles are out of stock, but we managed to get in and buy one within 10 minutes of the queue going live, showing that it's worth keeping an eye on future queues as an easy way to grab the console. However, it all sold out in just 21 minutes.

If you're trying to grab a PS5 ahead of the Black Friday sales, you could do worse tham checking out Sony's PlayStation direct store. This is the second drop of late, so we very much doubt you'll have another chance to nab one before the sales start in earnest.

Simply follow this link and you'll be placed in a queue for your console - if you're not already too late. We don't know how many consoles are up for grabs here (or which versions) so it's best to get in now - we're in, and have been able to add to cart and buy:

PS% notice

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In the US? Check out our US PS5 restock tracker

If you're lucky enough to get through you'll hear a chiming sound to let you know your number's up. Make sure your device audio is on if you're planning on doing other things in the background.

A reminder of Sony's rules before you head in:

  • When countdown hits zero, you will be entered into the queue.
  • Refreshing the page or having multiple queue tabs open will not affect your place in line. This page refreshes automatically.
  • One console per person.
  • Sadly, there are limited consoles available for pre-order.
  • Your console is not reserved until checkout is complete.
  • When you enter the site, you will need to login. Have your PSN account credentials ready.
  • Have your credit card details ready.

Both standard PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition consoles will be on sale here. Note - if you go for a Digital Edition you won't have a physical 4K Blu-Ray drive, so bear that in mind if you prefer to use disks or have a large library of PS4 titles you're planning on playing via back-compatibility.

As stated, this could be the last time to grab a console this side of Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021. It's likely Sony is making a push to get more stock on the shelves in time for these big sales events but it's hard to know for certain. Either way, make sure you get in that queue quickly. 

PS5 deals:

PS5 restock: now available at PS Direct
Head on over to the official Sony Playstation Direct site to get in the queue for the next PS5 restock. We don't know how many consoles or variants will be in stock here but it's likely there will be extremely limited quantities of both standard and Digital Editions. 

The PS5 continues to be one of the most popular products of 2021, and retailers are struggling to provide enough stock to eager consumers who are desperate to own Sony's next-gen console. We'll be rounding up all the best PS5 Black Friday deals in November, where we expect to see numerous games and accessories on sale.

Sony has admitted that supply may continue to be restricted into 2022 due to high demand and the ongoing global semiconductor shortage, so we expect stock to remain constrained throughout the year. 

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