Get a Nintendo Switch OLED before Christmas with these bundle deals

Rather than release them during this year's big Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events, Amazon has held off until today for a Nintendo Switch OLED restock. The console and a number of bundles are currently available to order for immediate delivery.

Amazon only has the White version of the Nintendo Switch OLED in stock for £309.99. When it comes to bundles, the best value option includes a Switch OLED and Just Dance 2022 for £338.99. You can also pick up a console with Metroid Dread or Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered if you prefer.

However, if those options don't interest you - or you'd prefer the Neon console - there is still some availability at Very. With these bundles, you can save up to £20, but the only possible issue here is that delivery is expected from December 16. Need one sooner? Amazon is the way to go. At least a console will arrive before Christmas either way.

Nintendo Switch OLED consoles and bundles in stock

Nintendo Switch OLED (White): £309 at Amazon
Amazon has the Nintendo Switch OLED (White) console in stock. This is the first major restock for the upgraded console it has had since October. Of course, given it's only been available for a month there is no discount on the upgraded console just yet.

Nintendo Switch OLED (Neon or White): £309 at Very
If you want the Nintendo Switch OLED in Neon then it's available at Very - along with the White coloured console - for £309.99. Unlikely Amazon, which will dispatch your order immediately, consoles ordered from Very will be delivered by December 16. That's still before Christmas, but still a bit of a wait.

Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | Just Dance 2022: £351.99 £338.99 at Amazon
Save £13 – This is the best value Nintendo Switch OLED bundle available to buy today. Just Dance 2022 has proven to be a strong seller over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so getting a console and one of its most popular games is a strong offer - especially with this £13 discount.

Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | Animal Crossing New Horizons: £349.98 £339.98 at Very
Save £10
- There's a £10 saving on this bundle at Very that comes with popular and cutesy lifestyle sim Animal Crossing New Horizons. As one of the Nintendo Switch's most popular and best-selling games, we expect this bundle to go fairly quickly.

Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: £349.98 £339.98 at Very
Save £10 - There's another £10 saving on this bundle at Very. This one includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - another top-selling Switch title. It's rarely discounted if you were looking to buy it separately, so worth snapping up while it's only £30 as part of this bundle.

Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | Metroid Dread: £359.98 £339.98 at Very
Save £20
– There's a small £20 discount on this Nintendo Switch OLED bundle at Very. The latest version of the popular console is usually priced at £309, so you're effectively getting a copy of Metroid Dread for just £30. That said, we have seen the game for £40 at some stores, so while still a good discount, it's not as big a saving as it really makes itself out to be.

Nintendo Switch OLED | Pokémon: Shining Pearl & Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond: £399.97 £389.97 at Very
Save £10 - This bundle includes both new Pokémon games that only just launched on November 19. If you're the biggest fan of catching 'em all or are buying for someone who is, it's an unbeatable bundle with a small but welcome £10 saving.

Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | Super Mario 3D World & Mario Kart 8: £389.97 £379.97 at Very
Save £10 - This is a very strong multiplayer-focused bundle with frenetic racer Mario Kart 8 and inventive platformer Super Mario 3D World. Both games are best experienced with friends, whether you're competing for first place or collaborating to reach the end of a tricky course.

That's everything out there right now. For the regular console, you can take a look at our guide to all the very best Nintendo Switch deals that are available today. And if all these Nintendo Switch OLED bundles dry up, you can keep an eye on our Nintendo Switch OLED restock hub for the latest updates.

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