Wix point of sale (POS) system review

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The Wix POS system has been created to allow US-based Wix users to process payments. It's a brilliant supplementary part of the wider Wix web building and e-commerce framework that makes it easy for businesses both big and small to improve efficiency. In order to process payments the cloud-based Wix POS software solution requires a verification process that has been developed by Wix Payments specifically for the POS system.

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It’s a POS that’s easy to set up and run, allowing you to accept in-person payments from pretty much anywhere. That means the Wix POS system is ideally suited to many different types of business and not just those that are in a static location. In fact, the Wix POS can be called upon to process payments at pop-ups, markets, events and more locations, as well as in-store if you’ve got a regular business outlet too.

Alternative retail competitor products include AirPOS, Lightspeed POS, EposNow and Square POS.

Wix POS: Pricing and plans

Wix POS subscription plans and pricing listed on Wix website

Wix POS offers a wide range of point of sale, e-commerce and website pricing plans (Image Credit: Wix) (Image credit: Wix)

Wix POS comes in a variety of different plan options and pricing is also suitably flexible so that you can choose something that fits your business needs. There’s Wix POS for retail, Wix POS for services and Wix POS for events. 

However, if you’re looking for one streamlined solution then Wix Payments allows you to amalgamate your payment processing requirements into one solid package. Note for compatibility that Wix POS software runs on Android, and doesn't support third-party software, including APIs.

The software and hardware available is a powerful yet simple to use bundle that can also be called upon to process in-person payments. This can be done both quickly and easily by completing a verification process by Wix Payments for POS.

Wix POS Hardware costs
Complete Retail POS package Your Retail Essentials package
Hardware cost $750.00 $550.00
What's included HP 14” tablet with customer display, BBPOS card reader, BBPOS card reader dock, Wix POS software, HP cash drawer, HP barcode scanner, HP receipt printer HP 14” tablet with customer display, BBPOS card reader, BBPOS card reader dock, Wix POS software
Moneyback guarantee? 30-day money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Warranty 1-year warranty period 1-year warranty period

Wix POS hardware add-ons

Wix POS has a small but convenient selection of POS accessories. (Image credit: Wix)

Complete Retail POS package

In terms of hardware it’s possible to purchase the Complete Retail POS package, currently priced at $750.00 and down from the original $750. The kit is a complete solution and contains a tablet with customer display, Wix POS software, a compact card reader, receipt printer, cash drawer and a barcode scanner.

As of October 2021, the hardware can be purchased outright or in 4 interest-free payments of $187.50 with Buy-Now-Pay-Later payment solution Sezzle.

Complete Retail POS Hardware Specifications
HP Engage One Prime Tablet BBPOS Chipper™ 2X BT HP Engage One Prime Barcode Scanner HP Engage One Prime Receipt Printer HP Engage One Prime Cash Drawer
Display 14” HD touch display with anti-glare surface
Customer Display 5.5” HD display
Ports USB-C™ ports x2, USB 2.0 ports x2 Micro USB
Power 45W, USB-C™ Rechargeable lithium battery 650mAh USB 2.0 9V 4A
Connectivity Wi-fi, ethernet, Bluetooth Bluetooth USB USB-C™ RJ12
Dimensions 13 in (W) x 16.5 in (D) x 5 in (H) 2.62 in (L) x 0.73 in (W) x 2.35 in (H) 5.7 in (L) x 3.97 in (W) x 2.7 in (H) 3.78 in (D) x 4.70 in (H) 13.22 in (L) x 13.22 in (W) x 3.97 in (H)
Weight 10.8 lb 2.36 oz 4.1 oz 1.37 lb 11 lb
Payment types Magstripe, contactless (NFC) and EMV chip cards, plus digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Cable length 6.5 ft 6.5 ft 6 ft
Scanner Type 2D linear imager
Paper Size 2.25 in (W) x 2.00 in (D)
Paper Type Thermal continuous paper, thermal marked paper
Print Speed 3.54 in/sec
Print Method Direct thermal
Build Material Robust steel
Lock Options Electronic, manual and deadlock

Your Retail Essentials package

The Retail Essentials package currently costs $550.00 and this comes with a tablet and customer display, Wix POS software, compact card reader and a charging dock for the same. Hardware for this package includes the HP Engage One Prime Tablet and BBPOS Chipper™ 2X BT, with the same specifications listed in the table above. 

As of October 2021, the hardware can be purchased outright or in 4 interest-free payments of $137.50 with Buy-Now-Pay-Later payment solution Sezzle.

Wix POS Card Reader

Individual wireless card readers for taking secure in-person payments on the go are available for $49.00 and it all works in tandem with the Wix Owner App. As of October 2021, the hardware can be purchased outright or in 4 interest-free payments of $12.25 with Buy-Now-Pay-Later payment solution Sezzle.

Wix POS: Perks

Wix POS invoice generator

(Image credit: Wix)

You also have the following perks at your disposal for business from Wix. 

✔ A free Wix logo maker

✔ A business card maker

✔ Wix Free Online Video Editor

✔ A business name generator 

✔ Wix Free Paystub Generator

✔ A free Wix image resizer

✔ Wix Free Online Video Editor

✔ A business invoice generator

✔ Wix QR Code Generator

✔ A website domain name generator

✔ Wix Free Form Builder

✔ A content title generator

Wix POS: Features

In order to get started with Wix POS you’ll first need to have an account with them. Registering for an account is simple and straightforward, which seems to be a common thread with every aspect of the Wix product portfolio, especially when it comes to website building and e-commerce.


Wix delivers a complete end-to-end solution (Image Credit: Wix) (Image credit: Wix)

Wix POS is therefore something of a supplement to the other features within the Wix environment. Wix lets you build websites easily, but it’s also great at allowing you to assemble all of the component parts of an online store, manage orders and fulfillment, handle sales strategies, manage services and memberships and, ultimately, sell products and services across many different platforms, including social media outlets.

Being able to process payments, either by selling in store and/or online means having the Wix POS system at your disposal makes a lot of sense. 

Once you’re signed up as a Wix merchant you can select a POS system variant that best suits your business, so users of Wix Stores, Wix Bookings or Wix Events can all choose the features and functions that suit them most effectively.


You can also purchase additional POS hardware if needed (Image Credit: Wix) (Image credit: Wix)

One of the best things about Wix POS is its simplicity. Getting set up and ready for business is very straightforward. You will need to be verified by Wix Payments in order to qualify for a POS account, but once that has been confirmed via an email you can move on and select the POS system that matches your needs. 

Any hardware you’ve ordered will be shipped to you and it’s simply a case of setting everything up. The WIX POS hardware kits also feature a HP terminal that comes with software pre-installed so it’s ready to go on arrival. It’s all part of the package. Better still, the software allows business users to manage a raft of options across their Wix account. 

This includes syncing inventory, processing orders and fulfilment too. Wix POS is also able to deliver CRM services, analytics and date reporting. Crucially, sales are dynamically displayed across Wix POS devices, the Wix Business Manager and also the Wix Owner App.

Wix POS: Interface and in use

Wix POS mobile, desktop and laptop hardware screens with POS software

The Wix POS features produce a complete solution for business (Image Credit: Wix) (Image credit: Wix)

The Wix POS interface and in use potential is vast and that’s largely down to the company producing a hugely flexible way of working. That means it can be tailored to a very wide variety of business needs, ranging from retail stores, events businesses and service companies like gyms and beauty salons through to pop-up ventures that are frequently on the move.

Therefore, Wix POS comes with an array of options to suit these different business scenarios. There’s the Wix complete POS Retail package, which is ideally suited to bricks and mortar concerns. 

Wix has partnered with HP to produce a range of hardware that includes a terminal complete with an easy-on-the-eyes customer display. There’s a cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer too, along with a Stripe Terminal card reader.


Wix POS features hardware solutions for all types of businesses (Image Credit: Wix) (Image credit: Wix)

Less demanding business needs are met by the Wix Retail Essential package. This comes slightly less well-appointed but still features the terminal, customer display ad Stripe Terminal Card Reader. 

Those businesses needing more of a flexible use model can plump for the Wix Mobile POS, which can be run through the Wix Owner App. This is therefore ideal for businesses operating on the go, or those with no premises as such.

It’ll work with iOS and Android, uses Bluetooth to connect and works in tandem with the Stripe Terminal card reader. Like all of the Wix interface experiences, the look and feel is simple, it oozes power and, ultimately, provides a pretty stress free environment.

However, Wix POS can also be tailored in a more custom way if you have a business that might require a specialised or niche way of working. Considering the size of the Wix corporation it has done a fine job of developing POS products that which can optimize customer experience and work  smoothly for staff.

Wix POS hardware terminal with bright display and tap to pay reader

Wix POS is also easy for staff and customers to use (Image Credit: Wix) (Image credit: Wix)

Wix POS: Support

If you’re after support from the wider Wix network there’s a dedicated online Wix Help Center, which holds answers to a lot of everyday questions thanks to its knowledgebase. It’s similarly useful for dedicated Wix POS enquiries. 

When we tried this route we got answers back on connecting your Wix POS hardware when using Wix Retail POS, the tablet solution for bricks and mortar stores.


Wix terminals have everything needed for in-store payment processing (Image Credit: Wix) (Image credit: Wix)

In addition, we got information on troubleshooting Wix POS hardware. There was also guidance on Wix Stores POS and how to create invoices for mobile POS transactions. In fact there were a raft of results dedicated to everything about Wix POS.

Wix POS: Security

As mentioned earlier in this review, businesses that want to use the cloud-based Wix POS system will need to obtain a verified Wix payments account to begin with. 

From there, any transactions are processed using a Stripe Terminal card reader, which means business owners can offer customers a variety of ways to pay in-person. This includes contactless cards, chip and also digital wallets too, all of which meets current security standards.

Wix POS HP tablet and card reader

Wix POS hardware can be used in a variety of business types (Image Credit: Wix) (Image credit: Wix)

Wix Payments is fully PCI-compliant and businesses benefit from secure on-site and in-app checkout functionality, which comes complete with HTTPS/TLS data encryption. 

There’s also fraud attack protection and along with Wix’s AI and rule-based risk system to further safeguard business owners and customers alike. Meanwhile, EU card payments are also covered at checkout by 3D Secure 2 authentication.

Wix POS: The competition

The POS marketplace is a reasonably crowded one, with other competitors worth considering if you’re not sold on the one-stop nature of the Wix POS approach. While it will be undeniably convenient for many users, especially those at the SMB end of the spectrum, other options are similarly tempting.

Shopify point of sale (POS) system review

Shopify POS systems deliver multiple options for processing payments

Vend POS is regarded by many as providing a perfect system for the retail environment, though can work out costly. At the other end of the spectrum is Square POS system, which is very inviting with its free-to-use functionality despite transaction fees being applied. 

High-profile Shopify POS is a good middle-ground system though, which works seamlessly with many e-commerce setups and doesn't cost the earth either.

Wix POS: Final verdict

Wix POS might only be available to US-based Wix Stores users at present but it deserves a wider audience such is its simple but effective appeal. Wix has already indicated that the POS system may well get rolled out to other countries around the globe.

Wix Point of Sale website homepage

(Image credit: Wix)

The most obvious benefit of choosing Wix POS is that it allows you to manage your business as well as process all of your payments using one, simple platform. The seamless nature of Wix POS therefore makes a lot of sense, with the extra advantage of being able to monitor and control all transactions using a single dashboard.

The simplified system lets you tackle chargebacks and disputed payments with relative ease too, while the straightforward nature of the e-commerce setup being connected to Wix Payments means there’s less chance for abandoned carts. 

All in all, if you're considering Wix POS as your first point of sale system or upgrade, particularly if you're normally an Android user, you'd be making a sage business decision. 

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