Why wait until Black Friday to buy the Google Pixel 6 when pre-orders are so good?

Black Friday has a bit of a reputation for being one of the best times to get a new piece of tech. With massive discounts across everything under the sun, it would make sense to wait until Black Friday to buy the new Google Pixel 6, right?

Well, we're not so sure. Unlike some other brands (we're looking at you Apple), the Google Pixel 6 has a pretty exceptional offer if you decide to pre-order either the regular model or the larger Google Pixel 6 Pro device.

From a large range of retailers, you will receive a free pair of Bose 700 - a pair of headphones with an RRP of £349 and that currently sell for £300. 

However, this offer is going to be very short-lived with Google's pre-order stage ending on October 25. But the real question is, should you take this pre-order freebie or hold out for the big Black Friday sales?

Obviously, we don't know what kind of Google Pixel 6 deals retailers will be offering during Black Friday. While they could come out all guns blazing with big discounts, it seems somewhat unlikely.

As both handsets will have only been out for roughly a month when Black Friday rolls around, they seem too new to be being heavily discounted. Plus, with major stock issues facing smartphones right now, we wouldn't imagine there would be enough stock for retailers to go throwing big discounts around on Black Friday.

We could of course be wrong here and Black Friday could be full of Google Pixel 6 discounts, we'd just be surprised if any of them could beat the value of a £300 pair of headphones!

Pre-order the Google Pixel 6 with free Bose 700:

Google Pixel 6: pre-order and get a free pair of Bose 700 headphones
Right now, Google is offering a free pair of Bose 700 headphones if you pre-order. This is a deal we'd be surprised to see beaten over Black Friday and well worth jumping on. Those headphones can be found at their cheapest for around £300 and feature highly in our best noise-cancelling headphones guide.

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