This new PS5 feature is a godsend for content creators – as well as Sony

Sony has begun testing a new PS5 feature that will transfer captured screenshots and clips to your iOS or Android phone automatically, specifically to the PlayStation app. From there, your captures can be shared to social media platforms of your choice, including Facebook and Twitter – and it could be a huge boon for content creators looking for easy access to their screenshots and videos on the PS5.

As reported by GamesRadar, the feature is currently in a beta testing phase and, unfortunately, is only available to PS5 players in Japan and Canada. This is likely so Sony can test the feature in concentrated regions before rolling it out worldwide.

The feature isn't without its caveats, though. Video capture can't exceed a 1080p resolution, and must be under three minutes long, due to the limitations of the PlayStation app. Strangely, users won't be able to manually upload clips and screenshots to the PlayStation app, lending an 'all-or-nothing' feel to the feature that's sure to be polarizing in its current form.

The feature itself can be enabled and disabled manually, however, so you won't be forced to opt in if you don't want to. If you're all in, though, be aware that clips and screenshots stored on the PlayStation app will only remain there for 14 days. That at least should be plenty of time for you to decide whether or not you'd like to share your captures on social media.

Analysis: A smart move from Sony

We're hoping that this new PS5 feature eventually sees a worldwide release, as it seems to take much of the stress out of sharing captures from your console to preferred social media channels, and being able to do so more easily is nothing but a boon for those of us who love to share our most creative and captivating in-game moments.

There's the obvious benefit of being able to use your phone to type in accompanying messages with your clips and screenshots, eschewing the need to painstakingly do so with a DualSense Wireless controller. Not only that, but you're also essentially creating temporary backups of your captures on your phone, which could save you a headache should you accidentally delete them from console storage.

Looking at the bigger picture, this could be a feature Sony is looking to have primed and ready for its future PS5 titles. Sony's PS5 exclusives usually feature best in class photo modes, and we're sure that's going to continue for titles like God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7.

If that's the intention, then it's a smart move on Sony's part. Being able to more easily share clips and screenshots via mobile to social media is essentially free marketing for Sony's games, and by offering such a convenient avenue for PS5 owners to do so, the company will only increase the presence of its games across all major social media outlets.

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