Snapchat is down, which could ruin its recent surge in popularity

If you've been wondering why your Snapchat won't let you connect or send messages, it's because the popular self-destructing-image-sending app is down. 

After reports around the world, Snapchat's Support Twitter page confirmed "some Snapchatters are having issues using the app right now" - DownDetector also reports a huge spike in problems for the app.

Commenters on Snapchat's Twitter post list a couple of key issues, from an inability to connect to the app, to problems actually sending messages on the platform. Many posters lament the possibility of their streaks ending.

Analysis: enjoy it while it lasted

Just a week ago Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all went down, which is noteworthy given the latter is a big rival for Snapchat, due to it being another image-based social media platform. 

According to Bloomberg, Snapchat saw a huge boost in popularity after that outage - the site predicts that there was a 20% uptick in users, as many flocked to the snap-happy alternative.

Well, we don't imagine that boost will last long now that Snapchat has fallen apart.

There have been plenty of outages in 2021, as all the big websites seem to keep falling apart, and Snapchat is just the latest in a long line. You can read our guide on why this keeps happening if you're interested - and if you're a Snapchatter waiting for the service back online, you could do with the distraction.

The Snapchat outage is ongoing at the time of writing, so this is a breaking story - keep checking back for up-to-date information on the outage.

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