Razer’s high-tech face mask is now on sale, plus you can win a Halo Infinite-themed AMD 6900 XT GPU

RazerCon 2021 has just happened, and with it Razer unleashed a slew of new products, including the launch of the Razer Zephyr face mask, and a Halo Infinite-themed AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card.

To kick off with, Razer announced that its Zephyr, a wearable air purifier – to be precise, a fancy face mask with N95 grade filters and much more besides – is now available to order (you may have seen this previously, as Razer first unveiled it back at CES at the start of the year, and the wearable was beta-tested in August).

You can now buy the Zephyr at Razer’s online store where it will cost $99.99 / €109.99 (around £93, AU$170), or the Starter Pack which comes with 30 N95 filters will run to $149.99 / €159.99 (around £135, AU$250). Extra filter packs (with 10 in them) will cost $29.99 / €34.99 (around £30, AU$55). Those filters last for up to three days, by the way.

For that outlay, you get a mask with “two air exchange chambers that allow air to flow freely in and out”, and a pair of built-in 2-speed fans (4200 or 6200 RPM) for better air circulation (and cooling, too).

There’s also Razer Chroma RGB lighting, which along with those fans, can be controlled by the Zephyr app (for Android or iOS), with interior lighting to help make your facial expressions clearer through the transparent panel (and that panel has an anti-fog coating).

Next up, PC gamers keenly awaiting the release of Halo Infinite will doubtless be interested to learn that Razer announced that to celebrate Halo’s 20th Anniversary, it has hooked up with dev 343 Industries and AMD to give away a number of limited edition Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics cards which are themed around Halo Infinite.

Pretty cool news – but note that this special edition of the Big Navi flagship won’t go on sale. The only way you’ll get one is by entering and winning the GPU during a string of giveaway activities, which will start here at RazerCon 2021, running through to the launch of the game (on December 8).

Razer Kraken V3 shown on a stand on a desk

(Image credit: Razer)

Release the Kraken (V3)

Razer further revealed the new Kraken V3 range of headsets, which consists of the basic Kraken V3, along with the Kraken V3 HyperSense and Kraken V3 Pro.

The top-of-the-line product is the Kraken V3 Pro, which is the first wireless headset to grace the range, and as well as ditching the cord, it comes complete with Razer HyperSense. For the uninitiated, the latter means haptic feedback (as seen on the Razer Nari headset) delivered via the earcups, with an on-headset adjuster which allows gamers to easily adjust the strength of the haptics.

The V3 Pro runs with TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers, boasting THX Spatial Audio support for nifty surround sound. It’s a refreshed design for the Kraken series and Razer promises that the V3 is slimmer and lighter, benefiting from a detachable mic and Chroma RGB ring for a touch of bling.

The Kraken V3 HyperSense ditches the wireless support, so is basically the wired version of the V3 Pro, and the base Kraken V3 headset does away with the haptics.

Razer’s new Kraken V3 models are out at the firm’s online store now, priced starting from $99.99 / €109.99 (around £93, AU$170).

Razer Enki chair shown at an angle

(Image credit: Razer)

Gaming chair goes ‘4D’

Another new product highlighted at RazerCon 2021 came in the form of the Razer Enki range of gaming chairs.

The central offering, the standard Razer Enki, will come clad in synthetic leather, with a design which aims to keep you in the “ideal seating posture” while gaming, thanks to a built-in lumbar support and 110-degree extended shoulder arches.

Razer further notes that the chair has a wide seat base (21-inches) for sturdiness and better supporting and distributing your weight. Also, the Enki offers a 152-degree recline, and ‘4D’ armrests mean that these can be adjusted not just for height, but width, and they can be rotated inwards or outwards, or slid forwards or back. In other words, you can really tailor them to your needs.

The Enki will be available in green, black or quartz pink.

A step up from this is the Razer Enki Pro which boasts a carbon fiber finish, plus a premium Alcantara and leatherette upholstering job, with the additional comfort of a ‘dual-density backrest cushion’. There’ll also be a budget-friendly option in the Enki X which cuts back on some elements, such as the armrests which are only adjustable in two ways rather than four.

The Enki chairs are now on the Razer store starting at $299 / €329.99 (around £280, AU$510).

Razer also unveiled some new PC components, including Razer Kunai PC case fans (120mm and 140mm products with aRGB lighting), and Razer Katana Platinum-rated ATX power supplies which are modular, and run from 750W to 1,200W (with a flagship 1,600W Titanium-rated PSU). These will ship in the US later in October, along with new Razer Hanbo all-in-one liquid cooling solutions (available with 240mm and 360mm radiators).

Oh, and a new color was announced for the Razer Book laptop, namely quartz pink.

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