PUBG Update 14.1 goes live on Test Server

There's a new update out for PUBG Battlegrounds which is the PC version of the popular battle royale game. This new update 14.1 brings with it a Halloween-style event from the developers.

One of the biggest additions this time is the ability to pickup and carry a downed survivors. You can now throw them over your shoulders and bring them with you to victory.

PUBG Update 14.1: Details

The most recent map to be introduced to the game is Taego and developers report that they discovered some regions of Taego have a relatively high win rate compared to others. After checking the win rate of the most popular combat zones, objects and terrain improvements were made for the areas with a win rate of 75% or more.

A new exclusive feature being added to Taego is 'Error Space' which allows players to gather other map-exclusive weapons and supplies to be spawned randomly within these zones. Error Space zones are displayed randomly on the minimap and will be active until the end of the match, so players can head to the Error Space early so they don't miss out.

The new Carry feature being added to the game will allow players to carry an ally to safety or take a downed enemy on the shoulder – before they bleed out, that is. There are pros and cons to picking up a downed player. For one, they’ll serve as a sort of human shield, guarding you against some incoming fire, but in return, you will not be able to sprint, jump, crouch, prone or hurdle, so make sure you choose your rescue route carefully. You can still fire while carrying a player, but your options are reduced to hip fire only. As for the carried player themselves, their bleed out time will be lowered, and they’ll also be able to spot for you, though their visibility will be limited to whichever way you turn them.

There are breakable pots being added to the game as well which will have loot in them. And Pochinki on Erangel map is seeing some changes as well with a full sized church. It's October and that means Halloween and decorations and festive additions to the game are also being made. Check out the full patch notes here

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