It's official: we're getting a new Oculus VR headset – but it's not the Quest 3

Mark Zuckerberg finally lifted the lid on Oculus' next VR headset at Facebook Connect 2021 – and it's called Project Cambria.

Coming at some point next year, Project Cambria isn't a Quest device (so not the Oculus Quest 3), but will be compatible with Quest devices, so says the company. 

It will arrive as part of Facebook's push to introduce multiple new mixed reality products "advancing the state of the art" in years to come. 

Details about Project Cambria are few and far between at this point – we only caught a brief glimpse of the product itself in a short teaser video – but Zuckerberg confirmed that it'll boast cutting-edge features that Facebook can’t yet include in its existing Oculus Quest lineup.

Project Cambria

(Image credit: Facebook / Oculus)

As for what those features will be, we know Project Cambria will be capable of real-time face and eye tracking, and sport cameras that pass high-resolution video to its internal screens. This technology will allow the headset to reflect people's facial emotions in avatars – in keeping with the company's new push towards a 'metaverse' – and also permit Project Cambria a much slimmer form factor than similar devices on the market right now.

This story is breaking, more information to follow...

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