How to watch the final Smash Bros DLC reveal – and who we could see

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is nearing the end of its DLC journey. Three years after it first graced our Nintendo Switch consoles, the popular fighting game – and the definitive iteration in the long-running series – is on the cusp of announcing the very last Smash Bros DLC fighter to join the roster.

Series director Masahiro Sakurai is hosting a final reveal presentation for the secret fighter, in which "the fighter's release date and final Mii Fighter costumes will also be revealed". The presentation will run for 40 minutes, so we expect to see some discussion of the fighter's inclusion, and possibly some tears as Sakurai ties up the DLC pipeline.

For anyone hoping to tune in, you can watch the video embedded below! The presentation kicks off at 7 am PT / 10 am ET / 3 pm BST on October 5, though the same video link will show the broadcast on repeat if you don't get to it right away.

Things get more interesting in that Sakurai has tweeted out in Japanese that (courtesy of some basic Google translating) "The new fighter may be a character you don't know" – but the English version of the tweet says nothing of the sort. It sounds like the final DLC character may be a Western addition, then, rather than one that's better-known to Japanese audiences.

Final Smash Bros DLC predictions: who could it be?

So, who could it be? Nintendo's Smash Bros roster is already packed with most of the obvious names, including a few select pieces of fan service – such as Banjo Kazooie, or Persona 5's Joker. We're sick to death of seeing more Fire Emblem characters, though, and really hope Nintendo has been saving a big announcement for last, rather than an afterthought character to hurry in as the fighting game starts to show its age.

Semantically, a Final Fantasy character would be a suitable addition – though we have quite a few of those already, and we saw Sephiroth arrive a good year ago.

TechRadar's senior gaming writer Adam Vjestica hopes for Halo's Master Chief – a truly fitting character who could make good use of an energy sword for melee strikes, and plasma grenades and assault rifles for longer-distance attacks. Given Halo Infinite is set to launch in November, it would be a very smart tie-in for Nintendo and Xbox to capitalize on. 

An even more fun fighter could be Cortana – bringing in an AI to battle would certainly help a Halo character bring a different aesthetic to Smash Bros' stages, though a move set for Cortana doesn't immediately spring to mind.

We've been burnt before, though. While Dragon Quest's Hero was a fun and varied fighter to join the roster, swordsmen are already quite overrepresented. We'd like a character with a unique feel, and one that the vast Smash Bros community can collectively celebrate, or at least tolerate.

The ultimate addition would, of course, be the maligned Super Mario cousin Waluigi. He's been scorned and abandoned for far too long, and only present in Smash Bros Ultimate as an assist trophy. We don't really expect to see Waluigi join the roster – it would be a bit odd for Waluigi, fighter, to use a Waluigi, assist trophy, though we suppose Nintendo's done weirder things in the past.

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