Black Friday gaming chair deals 2021: early deals and our predictions

Do you know what the last step is to assembling the perfect PC battlestation? Sorting yourself out with a terrific gaming chair. Better still, as part of this year's Black Friday gaming chair deals, you can find the fanciest bucket seat of your dreams for less or make some additional savings on a budget supermarket model.

Yep, when all the Black Friday deals get underway we'll be tracking all the very best offers on seats right here. So, whether you're looking to invest in the best SecretLab has to offer, or simply after extra savings on a generic racing back, waiting until the year's sales extravaganza can pay off big time.

The best Black Friday gaming chair deals last year were found in the higher price ranges, with the SecretLab Omega and Titan both $70 / £70 off, while many Corsair models were reduced by up to $150 in the US. However, you could also find more budget seats for under $150 / £150, with brands like HyperX, Arozzi, Homall and Respawn also offering some excellent discounts.

We'll be keeping an eye out for all of these models as well as any other surprises over the coming weeks. The deals will ramp up now with Black Friday just under two months away. Use all the information below to get you in the best place possible to find a bargain.

Today's best gaming chair deals

If you can't wait to pick up one of the best gaming chairs at a discount, it's worth noting that we're seeing plenty of 2020-era chairs take regular price cuts this year. You'll find all the latest gaming chair deals just below, with the web's lowest prices on some top picks. 

Black Friday gaming chair deals: our predictions

SecretLab gaming chairs

(Image credit: SecretLab)

When will the best Black Friday gaming chair deals start in 2021?

Black Friday will take place on November 26 this year, and we're expecting the best Black Friday gaming chair deals to land on the big day itself. However, that doesn't mean you'll have to wait for the main event to find an excellent price. 

Last year retailers were offering Black Friday level pricing weeks in advance, with early deals hitting the shelves as soon as October. This was in response to the massive global push to online retail, but considering how well it paid off, we wouldn't be surprised to see a similar timeline in 2021. 

That means we'd recommend keeping a close eye on pricing throughout the course of October and November. While the biggest discounts on the biggest brands will still be reserved for the weekend itself, you might spot an early offer that works as well, especially if you're shopping in the budget category.

Where will the best Black Friday gaming chair deals be?

Not every retailer has the range to offer the full spectrum of Black Friday gaming chair deals. However, selecting the best store for the kind of chair you're after can help narrow down your options significantly. Of course, come November, we'll be bringing you all the best offers right here, but if you do want to go it alone, you'll find our recommendations for which retailers to hit first just below. 

US retailers:
best for budget brands and generic chairs
Best Buy:
best for discounts on Arozzi chairs
regular discounts on Alienware
wide range of cheaper models and brands
direct discounts on Titan and Omega chairs
massive range of brands and regular discounts

UK retailers:
wide range and plenty of regular discounts
low prices on budget X-Rocker chairs
savings on ADX, Corsair, Razer, and Noble Chairs
discounts on a wide range of big and budget brands
Laptops Direct:
regular savings on budget and mid-range models
save on premium Titan and Omega chairs

The Black Friday gaming chair deals we expect to see in 2021

We're expecting 2021's Black Friday gaming chair deals to improve on last year's offers now that pandemic-based demand has dropped. That means we're expecting even lower prices in the budget category, with lesser-known brands that were discounted down to $150 / £150 last year potentially dropping even closer to $100 / £100, as well as bigger discounts in the more medium and premium ranges. 

With SecretLab's 2020 models already taking significant discounts throughout the course of the year we can expect even more savings on last year's big winners. However, the Evo 2022 series is likely to see its own, smaller, discounts considering it will have had plenty of time to mature on the shelves by November as well. 

Razer has also refreshed its line of Iskur gaming chairs for 2021, with the Iskur X. Since then we've been seeing regular discounts on the original model, so last year's $299 / £299 sales price may well be beaten this year, potentially dropping down to $199 / £199 to compete with Corsair's more mid-range models. 

Tips for buying a gaming chair over Black Friday

If you're researching your prospective shopping list, it can be difficult to work out where to start. However, there are a number of features that you should be looking at to work out whether a gaming chair is right for you. From materials to seat size, there's plenty to work through here, but having a strong idea of what you want to get out of this year's Black Friday gaming chair deals will yield the best results come November. 

One of the first things you should check is the adjustability of any given chair. This is crucial for both ergonomics and making sure you pick up the right chair for your desk setup and space. We recommend choosing a chair that will at least allow you to adjust the height of both the seat and the armrests and the angle of the back. 

Most gaming chairs offer a lumbar support cushion or additional padding built into the chair itself, but, especially if you're shopping in the cheaper aisles, it's worth double-checking that this is included. However, an adjustable lumbar support cushion is far more ergonomic as you'll be able to fit the chair perfectly to the curvature of your spine.

While the vast majority of cheaper chairs offer PU leather upholstery, picking up a softer material like the SoftWeave Fabric of the SecretLab Titan may not be preferable for all users. Double-check the breathability of the material you're choosing, whether it contains any meshed webbing to allow heat to dissipate, for example. These soft chairs usually come at a slight price premium but won't be for everybody, so we'd recommend testing one out in a store before jumping online on Black Friday.

Frame and base
The best way to judge the durability of your chosen chair is by looking at the frame and base. A steel frame and aluminum base are a good combination offering a durable build quality that will last you far longer than plastic. However, some cheaper chairs are still built with this plastic skeleton to keep costs low, and while you're paying less now, it will need to be replaced far sooner. 

Make sure you're buying a gaming chair built for your size by checking the height and weight requirements of the base. Most mid-range and premium chairs lay out their height and weight recommendations, however, cheaper chairs sometimes forego a suggested height. In general, make sure your seat places you between 16 and 21 inches off the ground so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are at a 90-degree angle. 

How to find the best Black Friday gaming chair deals

Working out exactly what you need from your new seat will help you find the best Black Friday gaming chair deal for you. That means researching the options available and keeping a list of features that you won't be able to live without as well as specs that you could drop for a significantly lower price point.

That means considering the materials, adjustments, back style, additional cushions, height, weight allowance, and size of your perfect gaming chair and finding out what you can get for your cash today. From there, keeping an eye on prices in the lead-up to Black Friday gaming chair deals will be essential, as having this background knowledge will allow you to quickly spot a worthwhile deal once the pressure is on. 

Once you've found a deal, it's crucial to price check against other retailers. Things get pretty heated during the Black Friday weekend, and while bigger stores automatically price match their competitors, it's worth checking if you can find a cheaper price elsewhere or if other retailers are offering additional free gifts on top. 

However, we'll be doing all that for you right here. Once those Black Friday gaming chair deals do land, we'll be stocking this page with the best offers on the market, so be sure to bookmark and return once November starts kicking into gear. 

Will the increased demand affect this year's Black Friday gaming chair deals?

Not massively. Last year's prices bode well for the Black Friday gaming chair deals in 2021. However, it's worth noting that the landscape of last year's sales was slightly different. With such a surge in ergonomic office furniture following the pandemic, we didn't see too many gaming chair deals running throughout the course of the year.

Now that things have settled down and many are slowly returning to offices, we may find even lower prices on these items as demand lessens. In fact, SecretLab's 2020 models are already down to prices that rival last year's Black Friday gaming chair deals, with a range of models sitting at $359 across the US right now.

Not only are we expecting discounts to be heavier this year, but we're likely to return to a longer period of holiday sales as well. Adobe reports that the majority of retailers dropped their prices significantly at the start of Thanksgiving week last year, but before that, the entire discount season had been running since mid-October. A surge in online retail, and the delayed Amazon Prime Day, meant that retailers were pushing their end-of-year discounts all the way through Fall.

It paid off as well, with 2020's holiday season bringing retailers an estimated $188 billion worth of revenue across the period. Such success means it's likely we'll see a similar trend in 2021, so be ready to start crunching some numbers well before Black Friday weekend officially kicks off.

We've got everything you need to know about the Black Friday gaming chair deals in 2021 right here, with all our latest predictions and top tips on finding the best offers. Keep this page bookmarked because as soon as November rolls around, we'll be rounding up all the biggest discounts right here as well.

The 3 best gaming chairs to look for on Black Friday

Secretlab Titan best gaming chair at an angle on a white background

(Image credit: Secretlab)

Secretlab Titan

Best gaming chair for plush comfort

Dimensions: 29.5 x 27.5 x 57 inches (W x D x H) | Seat height: 19.5 - 23 inches (minimum to maximum) | Maximum load: 290 pounds

Extra-large seat
Adjustable, integrated lumbar support
High-quality design and construction
Limited height adjustment

The SecretLab Titan is almost always in the top 5 when it comes to picking the best gaming chair. It's not hard to see why. The racing seat-style design is far more subtle compared to other manufacturers so you can get away with using it as an office chair, too. Sure, it's a bit pricey, but you definitely get your money's worth with this one.

Corsair T3 Rush best gaming chair at an angle on a white background

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair T3 Rush

Understated beauty

Dimensions: 34.8 x 27.2 x 14.8 inches (W x D x H) | Seat height: 17.5 - 21 inches (minimum to maximum) | Maximum load: 264.5lbs

Comfortable, plush support
Can support a surprisingly heavy load
Gaming aesthetic subdued
Frame is plastic, not metal
Wheels are also plastic and cheap looking

The Corsair T3 Rush lacks that over-the-top gamer design that can put off many from a purchase. In fact, it basically looks like any other computer chair out there. It's certainly a more premium one, though, and that comes through in just how comfortable it is. That's all thanks to the breathable soft fabric exterior, memory foam lumbar support and extremely customizable backrest position.

Razer Iskur best gaming chair at an angle on a white background

(Image credit: Razer)

Razer Iskur

A solid first effort

Dimensions: 66.55 x 74.55 x 137.11 cm (W × D × H) | Seat height (Minimum to maximum): 174 to 181 cm | Maximum load: Less than 136kg

Premium construction
Firm but comfortable
Built-in adjustable lumbar support
Not great for larger gamers
Can't sit cross-legged

This is Razer's first foray into the world of gaming chairs we're suitably impressed with it. It shies away from the RGB lighting displays of its other gaming peripherals and instead focuses on delivering a high-quality gaming throne with a solid and comfortable build that rounds out your Razer-filled set-up quite nicely.

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