BGMI is set to get Vikendi map soon

BGMI essentially has everything that is present in PUBG Mobile and that includes gameplay contents like maps, weapons and vehicles. Hence it is no surprise that the developers are teasing that the game is set to get the Vikendi map soon.

While the developers have not mentioned the same in as may words, but the teaser image of the snowy Vikendi map along with the text, "Who's ready?" is enough to indicate that the map is coming to the game. 

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Vikendi is the fourth map to be added to the game after Sanhok. It is 6Kmx6Km in dimension and is set in mountainous tundra terrain covered in snow. Unlike the deserted Miramar or tropical Sanhok, this is a combination of quick and tactical gameplay ranging from snow, hills to deserted villages. Of course, the green ghillie suit gets white, there’s new Snowmobile to sail you through the snowy ridges and streets of Vikendi. 

We found Vikendi to be a mix Sanhok and Erangel with a flavor of snow on top. Places like Castle, Dino Park, and Villa seemed like the hotspots similar to Pockinki, Bootcamp or Paradise Resort. It’s evident that a lot of work has gone behind designing this map and you could feel that once you are on the ground. We found it to be fast, tactical and intense and makes the gameplay more fun. In the spawn area, players will get to throw snowballs at each other instead of Apples. 

The developers usually rotate the maps available in the game to keep things fresh. And with the festive season and winters coming in, the developers seem to want to bring the snow-laden map to the game. We will no doubt see Halloween-specific content on the map and hit the game as well. 

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