These Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order bundles are the best deals so far

The official My Nintendo Store will likely be your last chance to place a Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order before the new console is released on October 8. If you've been looking for the upgraded console, best get an order in soon.

Pre-orders are available now for the Nintendo Switch OLED and various bundles from £309.99. This is in line with other retailers who have the new Nintendo Switch OLED available to buy, and £30 more than the existing Switch console.

If you wanted to get a bit more from your purchase, though, the official My Nintendo Store is one of the few retailers that is offering a healthy number of exclusive Switch OLED bundles as well at £359.99. The list is not exhaustive but does include top games such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, Mario Golf: Super Rush, Super Mario 3D World and Metroid Dread.

Plus, all of these Nintendo Switch bundles include a Deluxe Elite Edition hard pouch that can be used to store your Switch safely when on the move. It also gives you room to store up to 14 game cartridges, an extra set of Joy-Con and other small accessories such as earphones. Normally £20, it's a useful and good value freebie.

When you take that into consideration with the overall cost of the bundle, you're effectively getting the included game for just £30. When it comes to any Nintendo Switch game deals, that's about the best price we ever see – especially for major first-party releases.

Do have a look at what's available below and get your pre-order in for one of these top Nintendo Switch OLED bundles.

Not in the UK? Scroll down for more Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders in your region.

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order bundles

Nintendo Switch OLED | White (£309.99) | Neon (£309.99)
Both the White and Neon versions of the new Nintendo Switch are available to pre-order directly from the official My Nintendo Store. This is the same price as all other UK retailers who are stocking the console. Free delivery is included.

Nintendo Switch OLED | Metroid Dread | White (£359.99) | Neon (£359.99)
As Metroid Dread is due for release on the same day as the Switch OLED, this is easily the best value pre-order bundle on the My Nintendo Store. Effectively, you'll be getting a copy of Samus' latest adventure for just £30 when you consider the carry case that's included for free. That's a game for almost half price.

Nintendo Switch OLED | Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD | White (£359.99) | Neon (£359.99)
Second to Metroid Dread, this is the best Nintendo Switch OLED bundle to pre-order if you want to get the best value for money. Skyward Sword HD launched just back in July and is yet to receive a major discount anywhere. Bought as part of this bundle, it'll be the cheapest price we've seen so far.

Nintendo Switch OLED | Super Mario 3D World | White (£359.99) | Neon (£359.99)
If you're a fan of platformers then you can't really do much better than Super Mario 3D World. It's a huge package of classic Mario goodness. Plus, this includes the Bowser's Fury expansion with even more game to bounce around in by yourself or in co-op. You definitely get a lot for your money here and it's an ideal family purchase.

Nintendo Switch OLED | Mario Golf: Super Rush | White (£359.99) | Neon (£359.99)
Perhaps the most niche choice, this bundle comes with Mario Golf: Super Rush. The frenetic golf sim is usually a blast in multiplayer and will likely dredge up some happy memories of the N64 days. Again, this is another title that launched earlier in 2021 and has not been any cheaper outside of bundles.

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Has stock already sold out above, or are you looking for a few more options outside the UK? We're tracking all the latest Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order news in the run-up to release. There should be some more availability over the coming weeks as the October 8 launch draws near.

If you don't want the new console, you could instead make a small saving on the original Nintendo Switch, which is due to receive a permanent £20 price cut now the OLED version is upon us. Perhaps there will be opportunities for even bigger savings in this year's Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals as some stores may look to clear stock of the older model.

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