Samsung's best SSD for PS5 or PC is now at a record low price

Is your PS5 or PC lacking the storage space for your next big game install? Then you'll want to pop over to Amazon, where you can get the best SSD deal we've seen in ages. The top-of-the-line Samsung 980 Pro has fallen to its lowest ever price.

Yep, the 1TB Samsung 980 Pro is just £134.99 at Amazon. That's almost £60 off the usual price and, quite simply, it has never been this cheap before. Other SSDs that offer the same capacity and transfer speeds are around the £150 mark, so you won't find anything for less.

During this year's Amazon Prime Day sale, we were excited to see the 980 Pro fall to £142.50 – its previous record low. Now it's dropped slightly more just a few months later. Honestly, we weren't anticipating a price drop like this until the annual mega sale that is Black Friday 2021. Don't expect to find an SSD deal that will compete with this until then.

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Best ever Samsung 980 Pro SSD deal

1TB Samsung 980 Pro: £192.79 £134.99 at Amazon
Save £58
– It's a record low price for one of the best SSDs you can buy for PC or PS5. The current discount is bigger than we saw over Amazon Prime Day and it's cheaper than all of its closest rivals. If you've been waiting for the right SSD deal to come along, now's your time to strike.

As for what makes the Samsung 980 Pro so good? It's a Gen 4 SSD, so that means you can get ultra-fast read speeds of up 7000 mb/s. That's twice as fast as last generation tech and almost 13 times faster than a standard SATA SSD. Just one thing to check: if you're using it for your PC, you'll need to be sure your motherboard has a free PCIe M.2 slot. The majority will have one spare.

Those looking for a cheap PS5 SSD will be happy too. It's simply a case of plugging it into the console's SSD expansion slot, though you will also want to install a heatsink to keep the temperature levels in check. It's a fairly straightforward process and you can pick up a compatible heatsink for around £15 at Amazon. If you're unsure, our guide on how to install a PS5 SSD takes you through the process.

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