Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard is live on main server

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 3's new operation Crystal Guard is now live on the main server after a period of testing. This new operation brings the first transgender Operator, Osa, a military engineer coming from Croatia to the fame. 

The new season update is a big one and brings some reworks of the maps Coastline, Bank and Clubhouse and a new Battle Pass. It also brings a lot of balancing changes to operators like Twitch, Iq, Mute, and Fuze. Besides these, there are other new changes being introduced that will bring some changes to how armour and health are displayed in the game.  

Operation Crystal Guard: Details

The new operator Osa is part of Kali's Nighthaven team of agents. Her gadget is the Talon-8 Shield which is transparent and bulletproof and can be carried by Osa or deployed on floors or window frames, giving her a protective line of sight. 

Her primary weapon options include the 556xi and the PDW9 while her secondary includes the PMM. Her secondary gadgets options include Smoke Grenade and Claymore and she is a two armour and two-speed operator.  

The new Crystal Guard Battle Pass brings a lot of new skins and rewards to the game and purchasing it will also unlock Osa. The Battle Pass has 100 tiers and 133 rewards and is priced at 1400 R6 Credits for just unlocking it at level 1, and 2400 R6 Credits (Rs 1,399) to unlock get the Battle Pass with 10 levels. 

There is no single map that has been reworked this time, rather portions of Bank, Coastline, and Clubhouse have been reworked to enhance balancing, environmental destruction, sound propagation, and lighting. The bank is one of Rainbow Six Siege's oldest maps, has largely remained untouched over the years. 

Elite customization has been added to the game and players are now able to equip any headgear with an Elite Uniform and any uniform with an Elite headgear as long as they are both owned and belong to the same Operator. Operator armour has been converted to health (HP). Three armour operators have 125 HP, two armour operators have 110 HP, and one armour operators have 100 HP.

Opponent Rim Lighting has been introduced to ensure player can identify enemies. Players will now get a kill score when an opponent they downed is killed and players who kills a downed opponent only get an assist score.

Twitch has seen a rework where she now has a standard drone during the Preparation Phase and Shock Drones Shock Drone is equipped during the Action Phase. The Shock Drone can now jump and fires lasers that destroy opponent devices instead of disabling them.

IQ's Electronic Detector gadget can now identify and ping electronic devices through walls, including those held by Operators. Mute's Signal Disruptor is now spherical instead of cylindrical. Fuze's Cluster Charge can now be deployed on reinforced surfaces, but take more time to trigger. There are changes to flash detection as well and Blitz G52-Tactical Shield, Ying's Candelas and Stun Grenades will provide full stun but for varying times depending on exposure.

Besides these, there are other minor balancing changes to other operators along with bug fixes, player comfort changes, and game health changes. All of those can be found on Ubisoft's blog here.

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