PUBG update 13.2 brings new P90 SMG, Pickup Truck with item trunk

The newest update to PUBG Battlegrounds or simply PUBG has just hit the test servers and is numbered at 13.2. This new update introduces some new things for the new map Taego along with other new things that include a new Survivor Pass. 

The new Survivor Pass Crazy Night brings a lot of new rewards, missions and items along with it. Besides the new weapon there is a new Pickup Truck along with a new throwable. 

PUBG update 13.2: Details

The new PUBG update 13.2 brings the P90 which is the first Care Package SMG weapon to be introduced to the game since the Tommy Gun in the beginning of the game. It features dual optics that allow for fast switching between close-range and medium-range combat. It comes paired with 250 rounds of 5.7mm ammo in the Care Package and a single magazine holds up to 50 rounds. It can be found in care packages on all maps.

There's a new vehicle being introduced to the Taego map called Hyundai Porter Pickup Truck. It seats 4 people and is the first vehicle on PUBG with the Trunk System and can load various items and take them out when needed. If the vehicle gets blown up, all the items in the compartment will also be destroyed. 

The other significant addition to the game is the Blue Zone Grenade, which creates a round blue zone with a maximum radius of ten meters, lasting for five seconds. It maintains its full size for five seconds, then decreases and disappears over another 5 seconds.

Taego has two new weather added to it which are Sunset and Overcast. The Blue Zone has been rebalanced, Comeback BR has been improved, and other mini map improvements to Taego.

Besides these other additions to the game include a Casual Mode and Taego has been added to Team Deathmatch Arena. The Lynx AMR has been given a larger 10 round magazine to make it a more viable weapon. The other updates and bug fixes can be found on the patch notes here.

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