Nintendo Direct: how to watch the surprise Switch stream

A surprise Nintendo Direct is kicking off later today – September 23, that is – and it looks set to show off a number of Nintendo Switch games in Nintendo's end-of-year release schedule.

The 40-minute presentation will “mainly focus” on upcoming games set to launch this Winter (between December 2021 and March 2022). 

We don't know for sure what's going to be shown off, but we have some educated guesses – and an edit to a patent filing from Nintendo for a new controller suggests we could see a Nintendo 64 gamepad finally unveiled alongside a host of Nintendo Switch Online games. We'll also likely get a closer look at Metroid Dread, which launches alongside the Nintendo Switch OLED on October 8. 

Want to catch watch all the action live? Read on for details to watch the September Nintendo Direct stream for yourself.

How to watch the Nintendo Direct

The Nintendo Direct takes place at 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm BST on September 23, and you can watch via Nintendo’s YouTube Channel – though you can just watch via the video embedded below when it's time.

Will we get anything right away?

It's worth noting that, back in 2019, Nintendo announced the arrival of SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online only a day before the titles landed on the service. 

So if Nintendo is announcing N64 games for the service, and a tie-in controller, it's very possible that preorders (if not orders) for the hardware will be available right away, with the software coming in an imminent update for the Switch Online emulator.

If we get any game announcements we haven't yet heard of, it will likely be some time before they release. Given the 2022 release date of Breath of the Wild 2, though, it's possible Nintendo will confirm a firmer release window (say, March 2022, to coincide with the five-year anniversary of the original Switch). Either way, we'll find out very, very soon.

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