Mobile Industry Awards 2021: Bullitt Group wins Ruggedised Manufacturer of the Year

Bullitt Group has won the Ruggedised Manufacturer of the Year award at the Mobile Industry Awards 2021.

Ruggedised devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets or 2-in-1s, are essential productivity tools in many industries. They’re designed to protect and connect field workers and withstand everything thrown at them, whether on a construction site or in a harsh environment.

This award recognised the manufacturer that does done the most to offer exciting products and drive innovation in an increasingly important field.  

Our 2021 finalists were:

  • Bullitt Group - Cat phones
  • Samsung Rugged

Our entrants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • Showcase exciting products that have captivated customers and partners
  • Highlight innovation in design and features
  • Offer a balanced range of products
  • Demonstrate market leading execution of sales and marketing
  • Show how you have been a reliable partner for trade buyers in terms of forecasting, finance, returns and aftercare

Why Bullitt Group won

In a tightly contested category, Bullitt Group was able to sway our judges by demonstrating excellence in innovation and a diverse product range capable of serving demanding customers with particular requirements.

Congratulations to Bullitt Group on its victory and for Samsung for a great contest!

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