iPhone 13 release date couldn't come at a worse time

The current iPhone 13 release date rumors peg it as coming on September 14 - that's the kind of mid-September date Apple used to aim for before Covid came along.

That's good news for Apple fans, as it means there's not long left until we could see the iPhone 13 as well as the new iPad (2021) and Apple Watch 7, and maybe the iPad mini 6 and Apple Watch SE 2 as well.

But gadget fans who like tuning in to launch events for other companies might hear that date with a sense of dread: if it turns out to be correct, we could be facing a run of six different unveiling events from various companies in just eight days.

A busy week for phone fans

The week before the iPhone launch, we're expecting three tech events. On September 7, it has been confirmed that the Oppo Reno 6 series of smartphones is set to get its global unveiling - that's Oppo's mid-range family of devices that got unveiled in China earlier in the year.

Then, there's double trouble on September 9. Realme has confirmed it's hosting a launch event then, and the most important product we're hoping for is the Realme Pad, its first Android tablet. A rumor also suggests Vivo will launch its X70 line of top-end Android phones that day, though that'll likely be a China-only launch, with a global one further on down the road.

An artist's impression of the iPhone 13 in purple

(Image credit: TechRadar)

The biggest tech events straddle the iPhone one though. Rumors suggest the Google Pixel 6 will get shown off on September 13, though it's worth pointing out a separate rumor says it'll show up in late October instead. Xiaomi has been teasing a launch event for September 15 where we're hoping to see some combination of the Xiaomi 11T, Mi Pad 5 and Mix 4.

Lost in the mix

As one of the biggest smartphones in the world, the iPhone 13 launch will be the most important event of the busy week. Plus, Apple can be counted on to release its products shortly after the event, whereas some of the other brands likely won't sell their phones for perhaps even months afterward.

That's fine for Apple but not so great for some of the other brands, as tech media coverage will obviously be focused on the newest iPhones. So expect to see far more articles about the iPhone 13 than the Vivo X70, for example.

There's often a rush in early September to release products just in time for Christmas, but this is perhaps the busiest week we've seen in a while. And that's also with rumors of loads of the big end-of-year phones being canceled, as we're not sure if a OnePlus 9T or Huawei Mate 50 will ever show up, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is known to be canceled.

The real losers here, of course, are the tech journalists, who are going to be pretty busy for eight days. And the real winners are the coffee shops they live next door to.

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