iPhone 13 launch event invite: how to see the AR Easter Egg

Apple has officially announced its next event will be on September 14, where we expect the iPhone 13 range to be revealed. Not that you’d know based on the event’s tagline ‘California streaming’ – but its AR Easter Egg tells a lot more.

First, take a look at Apple SVP Greg Joswiak’s tweet, which teases what you’ll see in the AR feature:

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In short: an Apple-shaped AR portal into a lakeside (bay-side?) landscape, clearly showing off the company’s interest in augmented and mixed reality applications. If that’s not a hint at what Apple might show off at the September 14 event (and potentially more AR capabilities in the iPhone 13), we don’t know what is.

To see it for yourself, head to Apple’s event page while on mobile (in Safari or Firefox – sorry, Chrome users) and tap on the image for the September 14 event. The browser will pop open your camera with a little Apple icon placeholder – tap to place the ‘portal’ and you can move your phone physically to look around and through it. Peer through far enough and you’ll see 9.14, the date (in US format) of the event. Ta-da!

Yes, that’s it for the Easter Egg, at least until we spend more time poking around its corners to find more – and if we do, we’ll post it here.

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