iPhone 13 deals are now available to pre-order - here's the best places to get them

A couple of days have passed since Apple announced its full line of iPhone 13 devices in a stylish reveal event and now, all four handsets are available to pre-order.

Retailers across the UK will be stocking their virtual shelves with the four handsets, all competing to offer the best prices, data caps and most interesting overall tariffs for you to invest in.

But firstly, which handset should you be pre-ordering? The new iPhone 13 mini will obviously appeal to those after affordability and something a bit smaller. At just 5.4-inches, it is smaller than most other phones with similar spec-sheets.

For a slightly higher cost, you can jump up to the iPhone 13. Featuring a similar design and most of the same specs as the iPhone 13 mini, the main difference is in the size, battery capacity and a few small improvements to the display.

Finally, for those less worried about budgeting, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are Apple's most powerful devices yet. Complete with a triple camera set-up, huge batteries and big, stunning displays, these will be perfect for the biggest of Apple fans.

Below you can find all of the key retailers offering the four devices, both for SIM-free and contract deals. Pre-orders come to an end on Friday, September 24 which is the date most retailers will be likely to dispatch pre-order handsets.

Where to pre-order iPhone 13, 13 mini, Pro and Pro Max deals:

*With the high levels of traffic Apple brings in, websites can crash, queues can form or links can take a while to load. While 1pm is the date listed on websites, they may take slightly longer to get live.

iPhone 13 deals on contract:

- Carphone Warehouse
Sky Mobile
Mobile Phones Direct
- Mobiles.co.uk
Affordable Mobiles
Virgin Mobile

iPhone 13 deals SIM-free:
John Lewis
Amazon UK
Apple Store

What's the iPhone 13 series like?

iPhone 13 mini:
The smallest of Apple's four new devices, the iPhone 13 mini is both the cheapest option and the one best suited for those after a more one-handed experience.

Despite the smaller size, it features a lot of the same features as the iPhone 12. It has the A15 Bionic chip, Magsafe technology, a dual camera system with wide and ultrawide lenses and the same durable display with ceramic shield glass.

iPhone 13:
The iPhone 13 is the main device of the four, sitting in between the Pro models and the mini, offering a blend of affordability and specs, as well as a slightly larger design than the mini for those put off by its size.

Just like the mini, the iPhone 13 includes Apple's A15 Bionic chip, the same durable glass display, dual camera technology and more. The main differences are its larger and slightly brighter display as well as featuring a larger battery.

iPhone 13 Pro:
Step up to the iPhone 13 Pro and you'll see a few key areas of the handset get improvements. Most obviously is the addition of a third camera lens as well as a brighter and larger display.

On the iPhone 13 Pro, you get three 12MP cameras that feature new sensors and lenses. Apple has made the claim that the main camera on this device is 2.2x better in low light than last year's iPhone 12 Pro - how specific!

The display on the iPhone 13 Pro comes with a Super Retina XDR that has a 1200-nit peak brightness - up to 25% brighter outdoors. It also has an 120Hz refresh rate and a larger battery than the two smaller devices.

iPhone 13 Pro Max:
Finally, Apple's most powerful handset to date - the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In most ways, it is the same as the iPhone 13 Pro with a few minor improvements to earn its 'Max' title.

The most obvious change is the screen size, bringing you all the way up to a whopping 6.7-inches. That makes this almost the same size as Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Other than the increase in battery size, there aren't many improvements over the Pro model. It has the same processing chip, camera and MagSafe functionality and almost identical displays and glass strength. 

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