Huawei launches special “New Battery, Better Performance” user-benefit campaign in the UAE

Good news for Huawei smartphone and tablet owners. Huawei is running a unique user-benefit campaign wherein you can swap old batteries in your Huawei device with a brand new genuine one for just AED 9. The campaign runs from September 4th to 16th and is available at all Huawei authorized service centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The 9 AED price tag covers all charges for spare parts, labor and tax and even comes with extended warranty. The additional 90 days of warranty starts from the collection date.

Replacing the battery of your phone is a great way to ensure it lasts a long time. Most smartphones and tablets these days come with a non-removable battery design making replacements a hassle. For anyone looking to eke more durability out of their Huawei device, this is an easy and cheap way to add a few more months or even years to your device’s durability.

The genuine spare part and service centers will guarantee long lasting performance, good quality, safe and reliable replacement. Huawei urges users to only replace phone batteries at authorized Huawei Service Center, to ensure the maintenance personnel have undergone professional training specifically for Huawei products.

Both walk in customers and dealers can participate in this campaign but if you want to avoid queues you’ll be better off scheduling an appointment on the Huawei consumer website. You can also hit up Huawei’s hotline line at 80066600 or their check in support app if you’re looking for more clarity or have technical questions.

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