BGMI update 1.6 contents teased by Krafton

A new update for Battlegrounds Mobile India is on the way and Krafton has teased the launch with posts on its social media handles. The new update has been teased just in time for the new season to arrive which means that it will be a major one and bring a lot of new things. 

The posts on social media from Krafton teases 10 features that we will see arrive with this update. This happens to mention a new mode as well which is called the Flora Menace Mode. 

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BGMI Update 1.6: What we know

With the current Royale Pass ending on September 17 the BGMI Update 1.6 is expected to arrive within a couple of days of that and should arrive by the 19th. According to the features mentioned in the social media posts the new update will allow players to customize their gameplay.

Besides this it also brings the ability to capture the highlight moments of a match. Other changes include a revamp of the basic settings page. Players will also be able to track their enemies using the new Show Route option that will be incorporated in the map. Another new incoming feature is the faster scope adjustment mechanism.

And like we mentioned above the new big mode being added by Krafton into the game is known as the Flora Menace mode. This new mode mode will only be available on Erangel, Sanhok and Livik and will features things like Zillion Matrix, Dynahex Supply and Life Barrier. 

The new weapons coming to BGMI with the new update include three new ones for arena battle. These are two SMGs and one pistol and now Training Grounds will also feature unlimited supply of ammo along with improved durability of the SUV vehicle.

Players need not bother much to get the new update 1.6 as it will be prompted to download automatically when its time. As for the game, Android users can get it from the Play Store and iOS users can download it from the Apple App Store.

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